Blogging makes you lose weight!


This is a group picture of students I had back in 1991.

I was quite an impressive teacher with all that weight.

Underneath laid someone gentile as Koji commented yesterday.

You read the comments don’t you?

Pierre! OMG! Is that you with your students??? I didn’t know you were a teacher.

I’m sure they learned of sacrifices and bravery! And what did I do to deserve this?!?!

You are much too gentile, Monsieur…

Merci beaucoup! And you sure do know me!

That’s the fun part of this blog.

There is an anecdote to this picture posted on Facebook last week.

I got notified I was on a picture…



I read all of the comments on Facebook and I kept a low profile. Comments made were nice and not derogatory.

Then I dropped a few comments about my weight and my sense of humor (humour if you are English speaking).


No more commenting…

I believe some students never expected this, just like Koji receiving his award.

Teacher's Pet Awards


Second row on the right, the girl next to the boy with the Montreal Canadiens jersey…


I met her yesterday. She was with her kids and I was with my grandson in the same municipal park. She did not recognize me.

I told her…

You’re one of my students.

She looked at me… and I told her my name. She told her’s.

Then she remembered and said…

They don’t make teachers like you anymore.

OMG! Moi!

5 thoughts on “Blogging makes you lose weight!

    • I have to say I was a teacher who loved his students very much.
      Still do when I meet them even 23 years later.
      My first students I had in 1970 were 12 or 13 years old.

      They are now 56 or 57.

      As a footnote

      While walking this morning I met the parents of the boy with the Montreal Canadiens jersey.
      Believe or not.. the father reads my blog Nos ancêtres, the French version of this one.

      I have to write that story.

  1. The story is about Jacques Morin, a veteran I met in 2012.

    He wanted to me to look for his old buddy in the RCAF. He was a tail gunner and Georges Tremblay was a mid-upper gunner in the same crew. I did some research and I had found one Georges Tremblay born on January 1st, 1925 in Trois-Rivières.
    Nothing more… Just that.

    Guess what? In 2014 his daughter-in-law found my blog about 425 Alouette and she was shocked and thrilled.

    She sent me more than 30 pictures of Georges. Jacques Morin is on some of the pictures.

    Boy was I shocked and thrilled!

    Am I making up all this?

    No way.

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