Moi, moi, moi…

This is my final Teacher’s Pet Awards.

I could do more but you have to know when to stop in life. I know I had a hard time stopping writing on this blog.

Having a classroom full of students raising their hands to give the answer to a question can be heartbreaking to a teacher who never wanted that some of his students would think he had some teacher’s pets.


23 years ago…


Teacher's Pet

Moi, moi, moi…

Who will be the 4th Teacher’s Pet Awards given to?

Who's Who

He writes about different subjects… from recipes to WWII veterans he met in his life.

He drives a Mustang and he likes P-47 Thunderbolt.

Can you guess who’s the 4th Teacher’s Pet Awards?

This is a link to recipes he wrote about.

This is a link to one WWII veteran he met and wrote about.

This is a link to Koji’s photos on Flickr. You should find his Mustang there.

This is a link to a P-47 Thunderbolt I wrote about?

Koji is an American of Japanese descent.

He wrote about his father, and his father’s brother.

Stories that will break your heart.

Stories he wrote with all this heart.


Families are the result of decades of relationships, twists of fate and world events.  It is unbelievable how one decision can ultimately determine how many descendants will be brought into this world…or what happens to them.

Twists of fate and world events can put siblings on opposite sides of a fence.  In my case, my uncle donned on the uniform of the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II and died on Leyte. My father, although a US citizen like my uncle who was killed, was imprisoned in stateside “camps” during WWII by President Franklin D. Roosevelt – just one among over 110,000 Americans of Japanese descent. Dad then enlisted for the legendary 8th US Army’s Military Intelligence Service after being released from camp.  Two of my uncles also served in the US 8th Army during hostilities.

I hope you will find the stories and family photos intertwined with World War II to be fascinating.

Some home cooking, too!

Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you will click on the links above and tell Koji you like what you see.

To you Sir my friend, it’s a honor to bestow this heartfelt award…

Teacher's Pet Awards

To Koji san

17 thoughts on “Moi, moi, moi…

  1. Pierre! OMG! Is that you with your students??? I didn’t know you were a teacher. I’m sure they learned of sacrifices and bravery! And what did I do to deserve this?!?! You are much too gentile, Monsieur… Merci beaucoup! And you sure do know me!

    • OMG!
      You were not expecting this?
      Did not know I was a teacher?
      That I lost weight even if I read your recipes?
      What did you do to deserve this?
      I could give add a bar to your medal Sir.
      This is what they did in WWII in the RCAF and the RAF: add a bar to a medal.
      Keeping the memories of people who gave so much, that’s enough for me.
      And you know all this is heartfelt.

      I know two veterans who are so proud of you and watching over your shoulder.
      Your uncle is with them. They are now good buddies.

      Boy do I hate wars!


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