I am Canadian – the French Connection – Part 2

Shows someone who is proud of her French-Canadian roots…

Lighten up, Brighten up

A Tribute to Nicholas Marsolet  (My 8th great grandfather)  The Man in the Muddle

After Jacques Cartier the next major player for exploration of the St. Lawrence River was Samuel de Champlain. The first trading post set up in Quebec was Tadoussac. The explorers had contact with the Montagnais, Alongquin, Micmac and Malecite people. One of the first settlements to be attempted was at Port Royal in Nova Scotia, but later the focus for settlement moved to Quebec. Samuel de Champlain was the man who was instrumental in starting the settlements in Quebec. In 1608 he erected the first building in Quebec City. That was the beginning of the French colonization of New France.

Champlains voyages Champlains voyages

champlains voyages

It is believed that Nicholas Marsolet arrived in New France sometime in 1613 on one of Champlain’s visits to New France. Nicholas, my great grandfather,  was born in Rouen, Normandy, France as were many…

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