Sardonic? Who me?

Little old moi?


An unknown French-Canadian who never set foot in Florida with all those Canadian snowbirds.


Someone with deep roots in Deerfield, Massachusetts when two of his ancestors were captured in a French raid in 1704.

Moi, sardonic?

This almost unknown blogger who has been writing like crazy since 2008, and never received any bloggers’ awards except for being once nominated.


No way!

Teacher's Pet Awards


I have no malice.

Rosh is the third recipient.

She’s the one who had nominated me and gave me this crazy idea of creating a real genuine award.

A real genuine heartfelt award to bloggers who really need to be commended for what they write like Notes and GP. It’s easy to see through them through their blogs…

They are just open books.

They have so much to give.

Take the time to visit Rosh’s blog and discover a wonderful person with her first ever post. I would have never found her without her nominating me for an award.


Sardonic? Moi?


I have no malice inside of little old moi.

 I wonder if I should start a blog about little old moi…?