Being famous…

Some people will do anything to be famous.

To get their 15 minutes of fame.

It’s not my cup of tea.

I don’t have to be famous to get recognition.

You don’t have to be famous also to get some here on this blog.

In fact it’s the first criteria.

This is why I created this award.

Teacher's Pet Awards

Meeting beautiful minds out there on cyberspace has been the most precious gift I have received since I started writing blogs in 2008. It was about a recollection I had: a picture of a great-grandfather.

Édouard Métayer

I hope you have enjoyed some posts of my first two bloggers I have given that award.

I have many more in store for you.

All are picked at random as I wash the dishes. My wife cooks and I wash the dishes. She uses a lot of dishes and I have a lot of recollections from which I select one.

It does not matter if I am rich and famous.

In fact I am none of those.

Just a compulsive blogger who can’t stop washing dishes and having recollections.

See you next Monday for the 3rd Teacher’s Pet Awards.