1st Teacher’s Pet Awards – Notes to Ponder

I had a recollection after doing the dishes with my son last week. I get most of my inspiration from doing the dishes or when I take a shower.

Honest, you have to trust me about this…

Trust is everything in life and on this blog about genealogy!

I was just putting a leftover bell pepper in a plastic container. The bell pepper was orange in color which is not that important to be able to understand this post. What I had recollected about was the first time in my life I saw my first bell pepper, a green one which is also an unimportant information. I was visiting a friend and his mother was cutting a green bell pepper.

I was 10 years old which makes me a baby-boomer although my father never went to war and got killed. Something to ponder about isn’t?

Recollections was the title of a post from a blogger who at first I thought was a man.

I am a pretty bad judge of a blogger being a male or a female.

Our Ancestors is all about recollections and vice-versa. I have them all the time like the bell pepper anecdote. It reminded me of where I lived back in 1958.

After that recollection I had a flash.

How to tell the world about my favorite bloggers?

I was never a teacher’s pet nor as a teacher did I have any.


Teacher's Pet

I trust you 100% my dearest teacher..

I never had any teacher’s pets that I know of, although some of my students could have believe otherwise. Everyone was on the same level though some students would stand up amidst the crowd.


Teacher's Pet

I picked it all by myself from my own apple tree…

It did not matter because I loved them all.

This is my first “random” teacher’s pet award though some of my favorite bloggers could believe otherwise.

It goes to Notes for her post about recollections.

Click here.

Just write Notes a comment and let her know she won an award. I am sure it will put a smile on her face.

I will be back next Monday with my second Teacher’s Pet Award.

Teacher's Pet Awards

Please, please, pick me…

30 thoughts on “1st Teacher’s Pet Awards – Notes to Ponder

  1. Don’t forget to write a comment on Notes’ blog…
    That’s the real award.
    Reading what she wrote is your reward.

  2. Your students most likely will tell you that yes you did have favorites regardless of how hard you tried to not to!
    Enjoy the day. Thanks to all the heroes who fought to keep our countries free and safe for all of us.

      • Then I won’t do it.
        Glad you told me before.
        I think this whole Teacher’s Pet Awards was not a good idea after all.

      • It isn’t that it isn’t a good idea, but you know I don’t accept awards and it would hurt to have to refuse you.

      • The award thing is just a parody of all those awards floating on cyberspace.
        With my award people don’t have to write down anything about themselves and so on and so on…

        It’s a way to let people know what is out there that merits people’s attention.

        It’s like finding a treasure on a remote island and shouting you have found it and want to share it with others…


      • So you have agreed to be my 2nd Teacher’s Pet Awards recipient…?

        Please… Please… Say yes…

      • You are such a wonderful person GP…

        I do this so the world (well part of it) will know about your father.

        The next in line is Koji with his stories about his Japanese family in Japan in WWII and his two WWII veterans.

        Don’t break the news, but I think he suspects something. He’s a bright person.

      • I am just having fun here…

        Life is too short start with the dessert.
        My good friend Paul once told me that.

      • This is maybe why Notes did not reply or commented.
        Bloggers are very sensitive people.
        I know I am.

    • Notes has not commented on her award yet…
      It’s kind of strange.

      Write her a comment maybe she missed the post.
      She writes so much.
      Break the news…

  3. Here I am 🙂 I didn’t miss it – on the contrary I was speechless, even though you gave me a little hint the other day, not until you honored me in print did it actually sink in. This is by far the most special award handed to me – no strings attached, no ten questions or pressure to nominate other bloggers – simply a heartfelt nod for which I am truly grateful.

    As for my tardy response – I’ve been really sick with a bugger of a chest cold – now taking seriously powerful antibiotics and gaining strength by the hour.

    Recollections is one of a handful of posts that truly speaks from my heart. Just knowing it had the power to resonate with you makes my writing worthwhile. Thank you for being your first Teachers Pet, and know how much I value your friendship.

    • Although it was a “random” Teacher’s Pet Awards you had to be the first… that’s all because of the bell pepper and what it reminded me of.
      The second award I could not wait to open the envelope.

      Your comment is very moving because I know you mean it.

      Trust is what is the most important thing in life.

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