Parish registers…

The only way to go…

1786 Étienne Daigle

One of the index pages taken from Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire parish

This could be the last post on the Daigle or Dague family.

It was a draft post I had written before I found Stephen Dague’s real name in this document also taken in the same parish registers.

1830 Étienne Daigle zoom

Draft post

Taken from this…

I don’t have the exact image to show you of the baptism of Étienne Daigle in 1789 who was the father of who I think is Stephen Dague who died in 1923. However we have definite proof of Étienne Daigle Senior’s birthdate: 23 September 1786, on page 25.

1786 Étienne Daigle

But is he “THE” Stephen Dague who had married Margaret LaFrance from Moscow, Quebec?

This message was left on a forum in 2001, and is probably where Judi got her information  about Moscow.

From: Gloria Reynolds
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2001 7:08 PM


I am trying to find a marriage of Stephen/Etienne Dague and
Margaret/Marguerite LaFrance. They may be from the Moscow, Quebec area.

Had son Stephen/Etienne Dague, b. 2 March 1827.
Family migrated to Vermont in the 1830s.
Thank you for any help. 


I also found this on the Internet…

Étienne Daigle’s parents

  • Étienne Daigle 1759-
  • Charlotte Racicot

Union(s) et enfant(s)

  • Marié le 8 août 1808 , Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire, St-Hyacinthe, avec Marguerite Messier dont
  • Jean-Baptiste Daigle

Frères et sœurs

  • Pierre Daigle
  • François Daigle
  • Jean-Baptiste Daigle


  • Union: Dictionnaire historique Drouin

So the search is on again…

End of the draft post.

The search is all but over and I have tried to reach Gloria Reynolds by sending her an e-mail using the e-mail address she left on the forum.

I hope she is still interested.

It has been thirteen long years.

24 thoughts on “Parish registers…

  1. Wow – 13 years?
    I’ve caught the genealogy bug big time! On my trip to Penticton over the weekend my Dad gave me a bunch of things that had belonged to his mother. Mostly old embroidered linens and mementos from the “dress up” closet in the attic. Tucked between two tablecloths was a carefully folded paper dated Brandon, Manitoba June 18, 1885. I can’t make out all the handwriting but it appears to be a declaration of marriage between my grandmother’s parents. Digging deeper into the pile I came across my grandparents marriage license. So cool – can’t tell you how exciting this is 🙂

    • Excited?

      I have been excited since 2007 when my brother brought some old pictures.

      This excitement led me to write a blog about it… First Nos ancêtres in 2008 and then its English version Our Ancestors in 2009 for Seeburn Chaumont who lives in Louisiana and could not read French…


      Seeburn still reads the blog.

      • At least I warned you what can happen.

        I just loved your post you wrote and the pictures you took with your time machine.

      • Thanks. My grandfather (Dad’s father) spent years researching his side of the family – managed to trace it back to the 1400s, and had his findings printed into a book. The printer took it upon himself to change my year of birth from 1959 to 1960 because he couldn’t fathom my sister and I born the same year. Still blows my mind that she is barely 10 months older yet always annoyed me the printer messed it up.I have a lot of work ahead of me as I know next to nothing about my mother’s side of the family 🙂

      • There is so much to learn about your mother.

        I have not written that much about my mother’s long life of depression nor about my father’s addiction to heavy drinking.

        I have found the reasons for both through my search for my ancestors.

        As for 1960 and 1959, I have a similar anecdote.

        Back in 2000, when I first got interested in genealogy when my daughter was born, an amateur genealogist had my mother’s birthdate wrong.

        I told him.

        He never changed it.

        It made me a better amateur genealogist who are sometimes better than professional genealogists.

        Trust me I know. Money becomes more important than finding the truth. I have never took money for all the research that I have done.

      • My Grandfather spent thousands of dollars on his project – printing guy’s blunder aside – it simply lacks heart.He paid “professionals” only in it for the money. I suspect much of it is pure hogwash, especially the stuff over a few hundred years back. Nothing about his “book” elicits much more than a huh. In my mind passion for the craft matters infinitely more than a pay check. The more I learn about your efforts, the more I understand why I hold you in high regard 🙂

      • I am glad my message got across.

        So many people have been fooled with wrong ancestors.

        I have never fooled anyone in my life.
        I always care about people I help.

        I am a WYSIWYG guy!

        On the other hand I can’t stand people using me… I was the naive type. I found that out when I was 59 years-old.

        Most interesting story.

      • I will share it someday.
        It’s about my father and his character.
        I could not put a finger on why he was acting that way.
        In a sense he is the one who made me write my blogs.

  2. Good evening Pierre,

    Thanks to you and all your research the main characters in my Dague family have been found. Now I can branch out to aunts, uncles and cousins. I think I may need your help to locate church records to prove my connection to my grandparents. Wish I had your gift of French! Now for a OMG moment. Guess what? Today Ancestry notified me that my dna was done! So while hunting thru this extensive and long amount of information I found the Dubes that I have been looking for. The gates opened and there was Abraham except he is really Pierre Abraham and Jane Olive Bear is really Genevieve (Jane) Ballard dit LaTour. They were married at île-Dupas where ever that is. Pierre was born at Riviere Quelle. Care to help me find church records for my French Canadian families? None of this and I mean none of this would have been possible with out you!!! I am so happy you are family. I hope I can return the favor sometime when you need it.



    • I will check all the information you have just provided.
      As for having helped you… you can’t imagine all the fun I had digging the parish registers.

      Whenever you need something don’t ever hesitate to write me.

      I will be back tomorrow for an answer about what you found.


    • Where is the source for this?

      The gates opened and there was Abraham except he is really Pierre Abraham and Jane Olive Bear is really Genevieve (Jane) Ballard dit LaTour. They were married at île-Dupas where ever that is. Pierre was born at Riviere Quelle.

      Where did you get it?

      It seems plausible since these two were married on 19 June 1827 in the church of La Visitation parish in Ile-Dupas (one hour by car where I live)

    • This couple had at least these children…
      Geneviève 1834
      Joseph 1828
      Adeline 1832
      Pierre Octave 1838

      I have the godfathers and godmothers for each child.

      • I have looked from him before and after but could not find.
        I found a lot of Dubés, some were Pierre but not the same parents.
        Pierre was a common name. One Abraham but wrong parents.

  3. Pierre,

    You have the right children. They went on to have 5 more. Yes, who were the Godparents?
    I got all this from the DNA results. I also received info on my mom’s side too, that I am looking for. On the Dube side I also have a fille du roi. Her name is Marie Campion. Wow 2 filles du roi! Wow did I hit the jackpot or what?
    If you haven’t had your DNA done it is well worth the 99.00. I could not believe how many people have a connection to me. Even up to 8th cousins. I’ll look up the site on Ancestry and get back to you later this evening.

    As always,


  4. Pierre, Grandpa abraham was born in 1803. I went back to the site I found and the person doesn’t give a name only initials. What I did find was this—–Lagace I am related thru a Justine Lagace. Also a person named Migne dit Lagasse and under that name was this information—1767 Pierre Migne dit Lagasse. Does this mean anything to you? I will keep searching for anything that has your name. Thank you for the christening info. Much appreciated. Judi

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