How can you trust someone who said Start small, start slow?

How can you trust someone who said Start small, start slow with what he found about one of your ancestors?

He could be dead wrong…

Try this.

I know Judi will come back for more down the road.

16 thoughts on “How can you trust someone who said Start small, start slow?

  1. Good morning Pierre,

    I haven’t gone away. Thanks to your fantastic detective work, the flood gates were opened and I got swept away and I’ve needed to bob back to the surface and continue on in a different direction. So, if the following is correct then I have a fille du roi as a grandmother. Here goes—
    Judi to Jesse
    to Lydia
    to Etienne
    to Etienne
    to Jacque
    to Andre
    to Jean
    to George.

    Am I correct? And was Pierre from yesterday Etienne’s brother? I can’t find anything on Fontaine. Only YOU SHERLOCK can tell me if I have found the main character’s in my mystery.

    Awaiting your reply.


    • I will check on this.
      About Pierre Daigle. He could be an uncle or a granduncle. I know all about Charlotte Fontaine.
      Everything is on the family tree for you to view.

      I will get back to you later.
      Glad you are still alive and reading the blog.

      All further search will be more private because people will get tired of reading about the Daigle family. Unless of course someone has old pictures… then it’s play ball!

  2. Pierre,

    That would be Andrée Remondière.
    She is Marie Elizabeth Rondeau Martel’s grandmother on her father Francois side. Do you feel that you can help me solve the Dubie mystery? I am pretty sure there is a fille du roi there also. I just need to unlock Abram and Jane Olive Bear and their parents to open those flood gates. As you know, I hope, that I am so grateful for all your help. I couldn’t ask for a better cousin 8th or 1st.


    • I have tried very hard to link Abraham Dubé to Mathurin Dubé.
      I don’t think I will be able to do it.
      If I can’t find anything right now, maybe one day a document will be available on Family Search with one clue that will open these stuck flood gates.

      I will look for the Rondeau connection.
      Gee I have all the fun here…


  3. I did not need to use that Website, but I wanted to do a quick search on the Internet.
    I will tell you an anecdote about that Website, but not on this blog.
    It’s all about trust.

  4. Pierre I would be up a creek with out a paddle!

    Could you find any Dubies in the same area as the Daigles?
    I will go back and start from Jean in France and recheck everyone towards me.
    Abram just didn’t just drop out of space.
    He’s there some place and I am not catching it.
    Back to my greatest mystery.
    If you find anything please let me know.


    • Start small, start slow…
      Leave Abraham alone for a while.
      I could not find more than what I found.
      Sometimes it’s better to let it go and concentrate on another lineage and hone your searching skills.

      I will always be there if you fall off your canoe…

  5. Pierre, I know and it is a comfort to know I have a safety net in Canada to yell HELP to. It has been my pleasure to have met you tbrough your site. Almost as if it was ment to be. I will continue to look forward to my e-mails from you. Judi

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