Sometimes people never write again – Redux

I hope Judi is feeling better.

She will be all excited with what I believe I have found using what little information she had to go on about her ancestors.

I won’t write everything on how I got there because it is much much too long to explain.

What I did first when Judi asked for my help was to look for potential relatives of Stephen Dague aka Étienne Daigle and try to drive Stephen into a corner and extract out more information about his ancestors and his relatives.

mission impossible

Judi had written this the last time. (edited version of comment)

Hello Pierre,  

I’ve been under the weather the last few days and haven’t had a chance to check my e-mail until now.  
This has got to be the best day.  
From the bottom of my heart I thank you for this detective work.  
I am well aware that other’s need your help too, and I thank them also.

I will fill you in from this side backwards and I hope we will meet in the middle.
I am… daughter of … (born in 1908)
son of Lydia Ida Dague… (born 11/10/1867)
 and …  (born(8/1862)  

Lydia’s parents were Stephen Dague (born 3/2/1827 in Canada) and Mary Ann (Marion) Dube (born 2/13/1837 in Canada)  
Mary Ann’s parents were Abram Dube and Jane Olive Bear.
I have no info on Abram and Jane.

Stephen’s parents were Stephen Dague and Margaret(Marguerite) LaFrance from the Moscow Quebec area.
I am afraid that’s all I have except that my dad always said that grandma could speak no English and that she came from a place called Richelieu.

Have a good night.


“Stephen Dague and Margaret(Marguerite) LaFrance from the Moscow Quebec area.”

How can I find these two in Moscow?


First I found that there was a marriage that was celebrated on August 8, 1808 in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec where the Yamaska river flows.


It sounds like Moscow isn’t it?

The groom was Étienne Daigle, son of Étienne Daigle and Charlotte Racicot. The bride was Marie-Marguerite Messier dit St-François, daughter of François Messier dit St-François and Marguerite Coiteux.


It sounds like LaFrance isn’t it?

Here’s the marriage act.

Étienne Daigle Marguerite Messier

I could translate it for you, but I guess you can trust me by now.

I know my good friend Ron does.

Ron and me

Picture taken in 2011.
Ron on the left and I am on the right (I lost some weight since then)

Could “Margaret LaFrance” be instead Marie-Marguerite Messier dit St-François who married “Stephen Dague”, LaFrance being what the informant had uttered out of his or her mouth?

Family Search Stephen Dague

Could “Stephen Dague” be Étienne Daigle?

Stephen Dague death certificate

I know from what I could find some more on the Internet that Stephen’s father Étienne was born on September 22, 1786. I will check on that information next time using the images of the parish registers found on Family Search.

The search is on!

Now this will be exciting… especially when many more clues can be found using the “real” records where I found Stephen Dague’s death certificate.


7 thoughts on “Sometimes people never write again – Redux

  1. Hello Pierre,


    I can’t believe this. All this time I have been driving myself up the wall looking for Margaret LaFrance and she doesn’t exist! And yet she has become my g-g grandma. Now I need to do a complete 360 and get used to embrassing Marie-Marguerite Messier dit St-Francois. She was real flesh and blood and mine! Did she have brothers and sisters?
    Could she read and write? Did she come from a village or rural area? How old was she? What is the area like where she came from? What is the name of the church she was married in? Oh my goodness, I need to stop. Sorry, my wheels are turning. And now I also know the names of my g-g-g grandparents. Who were Stephen’s parents and Charlotte’s? And also Francois and Marguerite’s?

    How far back can we go? I have a real hunger and I think you can appreciate that. I know I should have taken French instead of Spanish. It sure would come in handy now! lol.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Judi

  2. Guess what Judi…
    I already had the ancestors of Marguerite Messier dit St-François in the family tree.

    Guess what also… Michel Messier (1640 – 1725) is my 7th great grandfather
    René Messier was the son of Michel Messier…
    Agathe Messier, daughter of René Messier…
    Agathe Charbonneau (1742 – ), daughter of Agathe Messier…
    Pierre Marchand, son of Agathe Charbonneau…
    Marguerite Marchand (1811 – 1882), son of Pierre Marchand…
    Henriette Alexandre (1845 – 1907), daughter of Marguerite Marchand…
    Léo Lagacé (1888 – 1964), son of Henriette Alexandre…
    Léo Lagacé (1927 – 1995), son of Léo Lagacé Senior…
    Pierre Lagacé, son of Léo Lagacé Junior…

    Small word, but I am not surprised.

    Now I have all the reasons in the world to help you

  3. Hi Pierre,

    This just keeps getting better and better! My head is in a spin. After all the additions and subtractions, just how close to kissin cousins are we?


  4. Dear Cousin, (I can use that endearment) I hope! I have been trying to get to the site all afternoon with no luck. And to tell you I am about to go crazy is an under statement. I don’t know if it’s because I need to belong to the Canadian to use your site or if I am so keyed up that my brain isn’t engaging. But either way I am not in a place I want to be. So to distract myself I have been researching Georges Dague and Jean and their wives and children. I can tell that this is going to be a short night. Judi

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