Mrs Laselle

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death Mary Ann Dubie

Who in his right mind would write a story hidden behind a death certificate of an old woman who died on May 29, 1930?

Just to get this kind of reaction from her descendant.

Hello Pierre,  

Yes I am curious. I am positively drooling. Who is Mrs.Laselle?  A daughter maybe?  And where is Diluap Quebec?  On another note I am taking the Ancestry DNA test on Saturday.  I am sure the results will point us in new and exciting directions.  I am looking forward to the rest of your detective series.  

Have a blessed night.  


What information Mrs Laselle, the informant, gave to the clerk, and who was Mrs Laselle?

Mary Ann Dagne, from Burlington, Vermont, was the widow of Stephen Dagne. She was born on February 13, 1837 according to Mrs Laselle.

Her father was Abram Dubie and her mother was Olive Bear. I could not figure out who was Olive Bear. I know who was Abram Dubie and I was able to track him down in 1850 with Susan’s help.

1850 Census Abraham Dube

Marian is 12 in the 1850 Census. Abram Duby, a laborer, is also there with his wife Jane (Olive Jane Bear) with 7 other children.

Marian’s birthyear would be around 1838 validating the death certificate.

I know Judi is right about Mrs Laselle being Mary Ann Dagne’s daughter, but we need more proof don’t we?


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