The Little Old Lady from… St-Norbert

Before talking about Mrs Laselle, I am closing this chapter for now on the little old lady seen on these pictures.

Jason knows everything about her.


Louise Beaugrand dit Champagne with her son Adélard Turcotte (Wilcox)

Collection Jason West


Collection Jason West

The old lady could not be a next door neighbor, or Exeurie’s second wife because he never remarried. The old lady sitting beside Exeurie had to be related to the Turcottes (Wilcoxes).

But how?

I knew all about Louise Beaugrand dit Champagne and I even knew where she was born… even before I met Jason on the Internet.

Louise Beaugrand dit Champagne  was from St-Norbert, Quebec, a little village west of Berthierville where the famous Formula 1 racer Gilles Villeneuve grew up…

église de St-Norbert - St. Norbert church

Collection Pierre Lagacé


I would bet a Canadian dollar you are.

But this will have to wait.

Click here while you are waiting…

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