The poll

The message is clear.

To be continued?

Yes please…  77.78%  (7 votes)

No, but if you have to…  11.11%  (1 vote)

Other:  11.11%  (1 votes)  

Yes, but you don’t have to…  0%  (0 votes)

No… I can’t take this no more!  0%  (0 votes)

Total Votes: 9 


To be continued next time…

8 thoughts on “The poll

    • I am sure there is a genealogy gene in our DNA. Only a few have it though in each family branch.

      This gene is just next to the crazy gene which is next to the humor gene.

  1. I like how you explore the options offered by WordPress. I’d never have the courage to use a poll. I don’t have enough readers!

    • I have the curious gene in my DNA. It’s next to the courage gene.

      As for how many readers I have, I don’t really care though I care a lot about my readers who have the tenacity to read all my posts.

  2. One has to be curious and crazy to be courageous. Where would we all be without those curious, crazy and daring early ancestors who ventured into the unknown!?!

    • True!

      Having found out all about Dennis Lagasse (1842-1927), son of Dennis Lagasse (1816-1900), whose real names were Stanislas Lagacé, and most of their descendants since 2007, I can safely assume that I am their very proud descendant.

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