To be continued…?

Not always.

Some posts are just lying there for people to find and to write a comment, or contact me using this contact form.

You never have to comment or contact me if you are the scary type.

Genealogy can be a scary trip down memory lane.

You can find a lot while searching for your roots, and you can learn a lot also.

Like this death certificate.

death Mary Ann Dubie

Senile decline…

It should not scare anyone.

Death certificates are a good source of information when you know how to use them.

Look who’s the informant.

Mrs Laselle.


To be continued?

You decide.

3 thoughts on “To be continued…?

  1. Hello Pierre,

    Yes I am curious. I am positively drooling. Who is Mrs.Laselle? A daughter maybe? And where is Diluap Quebec? On another note I am taking the Ancestry DNA test on Saturday. I am sure the results will point us in new and exciting directions. I am looking forward to the rest of your detective series.

    Have a blessed night.


    • Hi Judi,

      Glad to see you your back. I thought I had scare you away.

      You have passed the scare test like Jason did.

      You will have all the answers except Diluap…
      I can figure out where it is in Quebec. I am been living here all my life, and I have never heard of a place that sounded like this.

      As for having a blessed night… No problem.
      I always sleep like a log…

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