A note I had left behind…

This is what I had written as a note to the file of Robert J. Lagasse, the brother of Harvey Louis Lagasse Jr. and Eugene Francis Lagasse.

Someone had written a message back in 2009 or 2010 and I wrote this note…

I have to check this out…

This is the message sent by Bob Lagasse.

Maybe it’s not that important after all.

If he lived in the North End of Bristol he has to be your Lagasse

Mid-afternoon on Dec. 7, 1941, I was playing hide and seek with a group of kids from the neighborhood in the north end of Bristol when someone interrupted the game to tell us that the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor. “Where’s Pearl Harbor?” I asked. “In Hawaii,” they replied. Being that I was a knowledgeable 10-year-old and had studied geography, I summed up the situation quickly. “Did you ever see how small Japan is, compared to us?” I questioned. “We’ll beat ’em in a few weeks,” I analyzed. As I was saying this I was thinking, “If they mess around with my brother, he’ll show ’em.” I quickly ran home and dashed up the stairs to see if everyone knew of the news. As I looked into the living room, it was obvious that they had. Mom was seated and crying and Dad was consoling her. The radio was on giving the accounts of what was known at that time, which was sketchy and often unconfirmed.

The main concern for Mom’s world was that her son was in the Army in Camp Blanding, Fla., and the one-year training commitment would now become a war requirement for an undetermined period. Although Dad was saying all the right words to Mom, it appeared to me that his heart wasn’t really in it. He was less visibly upset than Mom, but I believe that he was more deeply concerned, having World War I experience to call on. It was an anxious, wait-and-see environment for many years to come.

Bob Lagasse


In genealogy there is no “Maybe it’s not that important after all.”

Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville

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Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville was not my ancestor but his grandfather was!

His godmother Anne Lemoyne is my direct ancestor. I found that out while helping Judi find Abraham Dubé one of her ancestors. I was not able to find more about Abraham even with the help of Susan.

Sometimes you reach a dead end when looking for ancestors, but there is always something new you can find while looking.

I am not  looking for famous people.

Some people do and I don’t mind that at all.


Before I started writing Our Ancestors I did not know Emeril Lagasse had ever existed.

Someone had written a comment looking for her kids’ lineage. So I wrote a few posts about Emeril who is a very distant cousin of mine (8 generation back). That lady never wrote back, but one of her two sons did but never wrote back after.

I can live with that…

I never post anything special about famous people, just when I stumble upon someone who was made famous by history books.

In my book this old lady is just as famous as any famous people.


That’s the reason I have been writing that much since 2009.

But I guess you already know that don’t you?

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