Scary isn’t?

Post No. 690

I just hope Judi isn’t scared away from this blog.


I am a very normal person.

Just a tad compulsive about genealogy, old pictures, and writing. I also have a little sense of humor to go along.

I don’t take life or death too seriously.

This search for my ancestors led to Our Ancestors. This whole story started back in 2007 when my brother paid me a little visit and  brought along some old pictures.


That’s when I got hooked on genealogy!

You could read this blog from the start if you want, but you don’t have to.

You would be missing a lot of great stories about great people I have met since September 2009 when I created this English version of my original blog about genealogy I had started to write in French back in January 2008.

Reading a post a day on this blog would take you almost two years.

Reading the French one would take you almost four years.

Scary isn’t…


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