Why Irene Wilcox is on this picture?

I had to know why Irene Wilcox was on that picture?

Irene Wilcox and Exeurie Myers

Exeurie Myers and Irene Wilcox (10 May, 1929)

Collection Jason West

That’s what I had been asking myself since last week when Jason sent me lots of pictures. Why Irene Wilcox had her picture taken with Exurie Myers?

Simple. Because the old lady on the left was her grandmother, Louise Beaugrand dit Champagne.


Louise Beaugrand dit Champagne, her son Adélard Turcotte, and her niece-in-law Rose Alma LaRose

Collection Jason West

It took me sometimes to figure it out but I am very persistent. But I guess you should have figured this out a long time ago if you have been reading this blog like Susan and Fran.

I just love to put a name of a face.

Can’t help it.

This time I am sure who the old lady was.


There is something in this picture which is worth noting besides the names.

Look at Rose Alma’s arm. It’s on Adelard’s shoulder which is a sign of closeness. People would not usually put their arm around someone in those good old days. Someone once told me that, and I thought I would share this along also.

Louise Beaugrand-Champagne was Sophronie Beaugrand-Champagne’s sister. Sophronie was Exeurie’s wife and she is seen here on this picture Jason forgot to send me.

It was on his family tree.

Exeurie Myers and Sophronie Champagne

Sophronie and Exeurie

Collection Jason West

Sophronie died in 1917, and Exeurie never remarried.



Family Search Website

Louise had married Fabien Turcotte, and in 1929 she was a widow.

Headstone Turcotte - Croteau - Champagne - Marrotte - Morell

Courtesy Lisa H.

In 1929 Irene Turcotte (Wilcox), her granddaughter, got engaged to George Morse. Well that’s what I think because they got married in 1930.



Collection Jason West

Are you still following me?


When was Louise born?

Where was she born?

You would be surprised to know I knew all these answers because I had found back in 2012 a lot of her ancestors in my quest for other people whose names were Beaugrand dit Champagne.

Scary isn’t…

Collection Pierre Lagacé

7 thoughts on “Why Irene Wilcox is on this picture?

  1. Yes Pierre it is scary. I’m so amazed how you remember all of the details. I can barely remember my family (Lagassey). You’re amazing!

    • Read tomorrow’s post.
      I think you will like it,
      Today I pay homage to an old lady who had no name to remember her by…

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