Looking for Abraham…?

1880 Abraham Duby

One clue might lead to another, then another, then another.

Use this contact form to reach me. You never know what we can find.

4 thoughts on “Looking for Abraham…?

  1. Hi Pierre,
    I believe he is Abraham Duby. See attached death record in Williston, Vermont.
    The age would probably agree with the census you sent.
    Does this help you? Have a nice day,

  2. Can’t see the attached death record.
    I have reached a dead end with this Abraham Dubé.
    Found more though about his daughter Mary Ann Dubé who married Stephen J. Dague who is in fact the son of Étienne Daigle and Marguerite Lafrance. For what I can figure this Daigle lineage goes back to Austria!

  3. I have also found a Clarisse Daigle who married Pierre Marotte in Burlington, Vermont. She is the daughter of Étienne Daigle and Marguerite Marier. It is said she was born in St-Hyacinthe.
    Could be a lead? With the dit names it’s complicated sometimes.

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