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1850 U.S. Census in Essex in the county of Chittenden. Lines 20 to 29.

1850 Census Abraham Dube

Marian (Mary Ann Dubie) is there with her little brother Alonzo who got married…

Alonzo Duby marriage 1862

The problem is not the search of ancestors but when to stop searching.

Remember Mary Ann’s husband Stephen Dague?

I think I found his ancestor…

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Still looking…

Abraham Duby

I would have wished the clerk would have been more curious and had ask for Abraham’s parents’ names. Abraham Duby and Olive Bear had a daughter Mary Ann who died in 1930.

death Mary Ann Dubie

She was the wife of Stephen Dague who I think was Étienne Daigle. Étienne was the son of Étienne Daigle and Marguerite Lafrance. I also reached a dead end with this lineage.

To be continued?

Looking for Abraham…?

1880 Abraham Duby

One clue might lead to another, then another, then another.

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