Who’s Who? – The 50th wedding anniversary of Urgel Boisjolie and Rosalie LaRose.

Do you want to play a little game of History Detectives with this group picture…?

Are you sure you want to do this?

This could last all year you know…


Collection Jason West


It’s always a great help when you have captions to go along with pictures. Some, if not most, don’t have any, and you have to find a way to find who’s who sometimes like this picture of Exeurie Myers, Julien Myers’ brother with an old lady we knew nothing about a few weeks ago. 


Collection Jason West


Who is the old lady?

Going back to the group picture, I am sure it will be easy to identify Exurie’ son Arthur and his wife Rose Alma La Rose in the group picture.

Rose Alma and Arthur

But who is the lady in these pictures?



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At first I thought it was Rose Myers, Exeurie’s sister.

Well guess again when you take a good look at this!

Exeurie Myers and Sophronie Champagne

Sophranie Beaugrand dit Champagne and Exeurie Myers
Collection Jason West

And this!


Are you still sure we should play Who’s Who with the group picture of the 50th wedding anniversary of Urgel Boisjolie and Rosalie LaRose?

This could last all year you know, because Jason has sent some cards for me to look at.


5 thoughts on “Who’s Who? – The 50th wedding anniversary of Urgel Boisjolie and Rosalie LaRose.

  1. I know you will enjoy figuring this puzzle out as I will enjoy reading your updates. Wishing you the best on this quest! Have a nice day, Susan

  2. Jason had so much information about these people it’s just mind-boggling even for this experienced genealogy blogger.

  3. What about two PDF documents with more than 100 pages each of hand-written notes.
    Mind-bloggling isn’t?
    That more than 200 information on 200 different people related to Joseph Saurette dit Larose and Adéline Chartier dit Robert. I have to ask Jason who wrote them.

    As a footnote to all this, I even wrote to someone on Facebook who is a little girl on that picture.
    I have not had any reply yet. Probably not interested or not going on her Facebook often. Maybe she thinks I am crazy.

    Maybe I am sort of…

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