The curious case of Paul America

Such a sad ending…

Above The Field

Paul America An image from Paul America’s screen test, circa 1965.

I’ve done a lot of research on distant cousins up and down my family tree over the years, uncovering some fascinating stories and learning a lot about ancestors dating back centuries. I’ve written about a few of those stories here on this blog (see links at end of this post), and I’m sure there are many more to find. However, it was pretty striking to learn about a much more recent story, involving a much closer connection.

The story of my late cousin Paul Johnson, aka “Paul America,” is straight out of the movies, both figuratively and literally, and involves none other than ‘60s icon Andy Warhol and other characters from the wild decade in which I was born. I had only heard bits and pieces over the years, tales of a wayward teen with matinee-idol looks who spiraled downward in a…

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Do you believe everything I write?

I hope you are still following me in this never-ending story about a visit I made to a cemetery in the fall of 2013.

Agnes Lagasse

Agnes Lagaser
wife of
Leon Saucier

Agnes Lagacé had married Julien Myers, then she became a widow. She remarried with Leon Saucier afterwards. Writing about the Myers family led me to contacf two of Chrétien Lemaire’s descendants who both shared information.

Jason had a lot a pictures to share, and this one was the most intriguing.


That picture led me to this…

1871 Canadian Census Boisjoli family

1871 Canadian Census page

Do you believe everything I write?

You should, even if we are April 1st.

Even if it does not look that way, I take genealogy quite seriously.

The proof is the pudding.

1871 Urgel Boisjoli

close-up of Urgel Boisjoli’s and Marcelline Bonneau’s family

1871 Canadian Census page St-Jacques-de-l’Achigan

Little Oscar, 7 years-old, is seen here with this family on a close-up of the census page.

The Oscar on that page is Oscar Boisjoli’s father.

Oscar Boisjolie

Oscar Boisjoli

Little Oscar could have looked a little like his son.

Oscar Boisjoli married Delia Gaudet in 1885. Delia was the daughter of Delphis Gaudet and Melina Germain dit Bélisle. I won’t go into this maternal lineage because this story will never end and probably end up in Acadia where the British deported the Acadian in 1755.

Now do you remember how all this started in the first place?


Visiting a cemetery behind a church in Bristol, Connecticut, with my 3rd cousin Joe.