We got snow yesterday where I live.

St-Jacques-de-l’Achigan is about a 20 minute drive from where I live. Yesterday driving there would have been somewhat treacherous. The weatheman calls for more snow on Sunday.

Genealogy is not only about names, but also about places where our ancestors once lived.

St-Jacques-de-l’Achigan is where Oscar’s father, was born around 1864.

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Saint-Jacques est la plus ancienne municipalité de la MRC de Montcalm. Fondée en 1772 par une trentaine de familles acadiennes, Saint-Jacques compte aujourd’hui une population de plus de 4000 habitants. Le trait acadien demeure très vivant chez-nous.

Saint-Jacques is the oldest town in the MRC of Montcalm.  Founded in 1772 by about 30 Acadian families, Saint-Jacques now has a population of more than 4,000. Acadian roots are still present here.

I don’t have a picture of Oscar’s parents or grandparents to show you, just this picture of Oscar Boisjolie.

Oscar Boisjolie

Oscar Boisjolie

Oscar Boisjolie, or Oscar Woods, or Urgel Joseph Boisjolie, was born in 1888 in Minnesota according to Roland. I could not validate this information with a birth certificate, but I am sure Roland is right, and I will take his word for it.

With Roland’s information I now know all about Oscar’s ancestors, and I even have a group picture of Oscar’s father when he was around 7 years-old with his parents Urgel Boisjoli and Marcelline Bonneau taken in St-Jacques-de-l’Achigan in 1871.


I am sure you will come back later to see it.

About St-Jacques-de-l’Achigan…

Passing through this town, will never be the same anymore.

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