Oscar Boisjolie

Oscar came back from the dead in a sense.

This is not by all means meant not be macabre in anyway.

I thought Oscar Boisjolie was dead when that family picture was taken.


It made sense.

Why would he be absent? Two of his three children were there as well as his lovely wife Rosalie La Rose. Alice is in the first row dead center, and Léo is just on her left (the right side of the picture). 

Delia born in 1908 is not present, and I won’t presume anything about her absence.

Jumping to conclusions is about the worst thing you can do when you look for ancestors, yours or mine.

Roland did not tell me how he found this blog. I figured he googled Oscar Boisjolie who is now a household name everywhere.

Oscar Boisjolie was also known as Oscar Woods. Boisjoli means “lovely wood” in English.

Roland told me Oscar would be Urgel Joseph in his comment…

Here is the information I have on Oscar Boisjolie also known as Oscar Woods who is I believe is in fact Urgel Joseph Boisjolie.

Boisjolie, Urgel Joseph [aka Oscar Woods] (b. 1888-03-20 – USA, Minnesota, Brainard, d.1966-10-00 – USA, Massachusetts, Hampden County, Holyoke) spouse: Larose, Rosalie (b. 1890-01-13 – Canada, d. 1977-11-30 – USA, Massachusetts, Hampden, Worthington)


1. Boisjolie, Marie Delia Rosalie (b. 1908-10-18 – USA, Massachusetts, Hampden, Springfield)

2. Boisjolie, Alice (b. 1911 – USA, Massachusetts)

3. Boisjolie, Leo Urgel (b. 1913 – USA, New York, d. 1999-10-06 – USA,
Massachusetts, Hampden, Chicopee) spouse Dion, Rita (b. 1916-05-27 – USA, Massachusetts, d. 1989-03-10 – USA, Massachusetts, Hampden County, Holyoke)

Children and 3 are included in the photograph.

I have a copy of the marriage entry (from Ancestry) for the Oscar Boisjolie and Rosalie Larose Marriage which occurred January 16, 1908 in the City of Holyoke, Massachusetts, however, am uncertain how to send it in this format.

FYI there are two separate families of Boisjoli in North America each having spellings of Boisjolie, Boisjoly and Boisjoli. One is the Lienard family of Boisjoli, the other is the Griveau family of Boisjoli. Oscar and descendants are from the Griveau Boisjoli family.

Hope this is of some assistance and can be confirmed by others.


Roland A. Boisjoli

I was able to confirm all this and even more. I even invited Roland on my Ancestry family tree to view all the files I have gathered since 2009. Close to 30,000 files.

Not only on Boisjolies of course. In fact, I had none!

This being said, I won’t go deeper into all this since Roland can see all my research on Ancestry.

Everything is always free.

Should you find this blog, please write a comment because you never know what I can find about your ancestors.

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