Clue No.1: 1850 U.S. Census

Are you ready for this?

You will have to bear with me because I am going to go step by step in all this search for Anton Cayo’s ancestors even if it takes the whole year. I will focus only on the Cayos unless someone related to Aldéi Lord’s ashtray contacts me.

Levi ashtray 2

This being said let’s have a close look at clue numero uno. These Cayos are not Spaniards, nor Mexicans…

They were French-Canadians!

Clue no. 1

September 19th, 1850, Colchester, Vermont.

1850 U.S. Census Peter Kayou

There is a family on this census page.

It’s Peter Kayou’s family.

1850 Peter Kayou family

All the family members were born in Canada according to this census. Censuses are not always a reliable source, but in this case, I will use them and proceed cautiously.

The wife of Peter Kayou is Frances. She’s 45 years and thus would have been born around 1805.

1850 Frances Kayou 1805

She is probably Françoise Trudeau. I can’t think of any alternative for her given name except Françoise.

Peter is of course Pierre.

This is a no brainer…

The name Kayou is most probably Cadieux. People back then would prononced it Caieux or Cayeux, dropping the “D”.

Who are the chidren in this family?

Two sons: Antoine and Samuel.

1850 Antoine Kayou 1828

1850 Samuel Kayou 1830

My guess is that Antoine, 22 years old in the 1850 census (1850 – 22 = 1828), is Joseph born in 1826.

1826 7 mars Joseph Cadieux

Samuel, 20 years old in 1850 (1850- 20 = 1830), is Charles Anselme born in 1830.

1830 Charles Anselme Cadieux

There was also a Cordelia in this family. She was born in 1834.

1834 Marie-Cordélia Cadieux

Where would Cordelia Cadieux be?

Well, she would be just next door with the neighbors baby-sitting little Julia Lord of course!

1850 Mathilda Kayou 1833

Mathilda, 17 years old (1850 – 17 = 1833).

That’s all close enough for me!

Censuses don’t give you a precise date of the birth year of people, just a general idea. So for the record, at least for this demonstration, Pierre Cadieux was Peter Kayou. His wife Frances was Françoise Trudeau, and they had at least three children…

Make that four because there is another one…

Peter Junior born in 1824!

1824 Pierre Cadieux 6 juillet naissance

Peter would be Mary Evelyne Cayo’s grandfather.

25 thoughts on “Clue No.1: 1850 U.S. Census

      • It’s a small world. My mother’s parents initially left Finland for Canada and were there for a short period. I don’t know why. They then returned to their homeland prior to finally immigrating to America.

  1. Great work !!!Mrs Cordelia Cadieux was she married with Joseph Langevin ? If so “rumours” has it she was Abenaki Indian anything on that ?

  2. Thanks,
    Cordelie Cadieux who married Joseph Langevin was my gg grand ma I know where she is buried along with her husband Joseph Langevin, it’s in Marieville Quebec. But the link I’m looking for is that Cordelie’s parents… been looking for along time and I’m still stuck at there. anyone you know might know/help ? Everyone (elders) keep saying she was “Indian”
    Thanks a lot Francois

  3. This Cordélie Cadieux, daughter of Hubert Cadieux and Esther Payet, married François-Xavier Petit in 1869.
    Most probably this is not her.

  4. I have found a clue with the 1880 U.S. Census.

    Nazaire Bessette, a neighbour, is the son of Athanase Bessette and Théotiste Cadieux (daughter of Laurent Cadieux and Catherine Gilbert. I found more children of Laurent and Catherine. One is Étienne.

    There is an Étienne Cadieux (1818) married to Marie Jasmin in 1843. Étienne, a widower, is living with his son Joseph in 1891 and his daughter-in-law Hermeline and a lot of grandchildren.

    I think we have found the parents of Cordelie. Joseph and Cordelie who are neighbours in 1880 must be brothers and sisters. Hermeline Bessette is the wife of Joseph Cadieux and Cordelie Cadieux is the wife of Joseph Langevin.

    I am 99% sure I have found the missing link.

  5. Pierre where do you live? I’m away from home till mid week. I will look at my book and check some dates that I have. I have seen the Rhode Island survey saying they lived there for a while but were born in Canada. There is a Cordelie and Cordelia can’t remember who’s the mom and who’s the daughter. Thanks for your quick response.
    Parlez-vous Francais?

    • Je vis au nord de Montréal.
      Je suis certain d’avoir percé le mystère de Cordélie Cadieux, fille d’Étienne Cadieux et Marie Jasmin.

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