How I met my great-grandfather?

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How I met my great-grandfather?

This is what Dennis sent me with a lot of old pictures in 2012.

Dennis Lagasse II

Dennis Lagasse II (1842-1927)

It was in the old family album.

Dennis sent me the whole old family album!

I could have asked Dennis to write about all of those pictures he sent me, but Dennis is a hard-working family man with a lovely wife and two lovely children.

That’s all you need to know about Dennis, and that I will share about his personal life. I don’t need to tell you how nice a man Dennis is. You just have to look at his great-great-grandfather with two of his grandchildren in a picture Dennis sent me, and read between the lines.

This picture is one of the first pictures he sent.In fact it was a photocopy I think.

Boy did I get all excited.

picture from Dennis 2

I wrote a lot about that picture and how my great-grandfather was a family man. Family is all that is important in life, and that’s the message I am trying to convey on this blog.

Once you realize this, your life will forever change.

How I met my great-grandfather?

How you met your great-grandfather?

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