Dennis Lagasse… Who do you think you are? Redux

I like to take a trip down memory lane sometimes on this blog, and reflect upon what I have been writing since 2009.

This post was written on October 16, 2011.

That’s when Dennis wrote me again and I got excited all over again.

Start reading the post…

Sometimes I think I scare people away with my passion for genealogy. I hope I won’t scare Dennis away.

If you pass the test and you are not afraid, then you are in for a big surprise…

I am a very serious person and I am very respectful of others. Joe and Sandy know that because they met me in person last month. And they were not scared a wee bit…


Dennis Lagasse…

Who do you think you are?

Dennis is a direct descendant of Dennis 1816, Dennis 1842 and Dennis 1864… He lives in Connecticut where these Dennises are buried.

Dennis put a comment on my blog about genealogy this week…

I don’t think I scared him away because he sent me this e-mail… when I first replied to his comment.

Hello Pierre,

I just talked to my dad… and he’s sending me a copy of the pictures he has of his grandfather Dennis Lagasse with his 12 kids and wife Amanda on their front porch in Bristol CT. He also read to me the Bristol Press newspaper article where it describes the accident that killed Dennis in 1922, he is copying and sending me that also. It’s so exciting for me to see all this history coming together, I live in… CT and am only an hour away from Bristol and would love to help you in any way I can.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you’ve done so far.

Dennis Lagasse

His great-grandfather was Dennis Lagasse who died in 1922.

Dennis knows that part.

He was married to Amanda Ménard and they had 12 children.

Dennis knows that part also.

Dennis’ great-great-grandfather was also named Dennis. I don’t know if Dennis knew this.

This Dennis Lagasse whose real name was Stanislas Lagacé was born 9 August 1842 in Henryville, in Quebec.

He died on June 5th 1927.

He was 84.

He worked all of his life.

His father, who was also named Stanislas (Dennis), died in 1900.
This is his death certificate that Sandy found for me.

He was 84.

He was born in 1816.

He worked all of his life.

He lived at 22 Conlon Street in Bristol, Connecticut.

So Dennis…

Who do you think you are?

Someone who will want to know more about his roots back to the first ancestor… 

André Mignier.

He was a soldier who came with the Carignan-Salières regiment.

Stop reading…

Why am I retelling all this?

Just to say I don’t write this blog after all, people who write me do, and anything they share is important, even pictures of ashtrays.

Levi ashtray 2

Now if someone related to Aldéi could contact me and tell me he or she has old pictures like Dennis had, I will start to get all excited again.

13 thoughts on “Dennis Lagasse… Who do you think you are? Redux

  1. More relatives every time you post! It must be great to have such a large family. [slightly off-topic: on your gold medal Olympic woman’s hockey team a player is named, Genevieve Lacasse, born in Montreal – any connection to your knowledge?]

    • Lacasse and Lagasse or Lagacé are two different families.
      However I am sure she is a distant cousin. We all are related somehow when we go back to the 1600s.
      If Smitty has any French-canadian roots, then we are most probably related.
      I know you are all excited.

      • That would be something, eh? Frankly, Smitty’s dad disappeared before he was born – so who knows? It would take DNA at this point.

      • In 2007 when I started this passion for genealogy, I did not know who were my grandfather’s parents.
        Let’s say I got curious.

  2. Aldei Lord est évidemment une déformation (délibérée ou non) d’Adélard. Ce qui n’ajoute sans aucun doute pas grand chose à ton arbre, mais enfin…

  3. Your picture of a button by, Adel maybe,
    Adelar Lagasse
    Date of Birth:Feb 1899Age:1Place of Birth:MassachusettsState:MassachusettsCounty:BristolCity:New Bedford
    Head of Household’s First Name:LouisHead of Household’s Last Name:Lagasse
    Relationship to Head of Household:Son
    Marital Status:SingleFather’s First Name:LouisFather’s Last Name:LagasseFather’s Place of Birth:Massachusetts
    Mother’s First Name:AlbinaMother’s Last Name:LagasseMother’s Place of Birth:Canada FrGender:MaleEthnicity:AmericanRace:White

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