Is your name Cayo? Redux

I will repost this article because I wrote it last January. Since I found another distant descendant of Onésime Cadieux who married Stanislas Lagassé in 1840, I think it’s a good idea to refresh your memory about the Cadieux-Cayo connection and do a little editing.

So here goes…

I wonder if I should write about the Cayos? I would hate to confuse people with all my ancestors. I only write this blog to look at pictures of our ancestors. They speak so much when we look at them like this lovely couple.

Myra Alexandre and William Archambeault

William and Myra also appear on this picture with someone else’s ancestors.

wedding Myra Alexandre

I am sure my new found distant cousin enjoys this picture as well as my 3rd cousin Frank Archambault did when he first saw it in 2012.

This being said…

Do you have Cayo ancestors who once lived in Colchester, Vermont in the 1800s? In Massachusetts? In Wisconsin?

Want to know more?

Of course you do… and it’s the reason why I have been writing this blog since 2009.

Strangely enough I found this in my search for my Cadieux ancestors.

The Hayward Republican July 28, 1904

Mr. and Mrs. Anton Cayo celebrated the 50th anniversary of their wedding on Saturday, July 16, at their home. General invitations were issued, and a large number of their old-time friends assembled to wish them much joy and happiness on the occasion. A very interesting evening was spent listening to the reminiscences of their early days in Hayward. Their dwelling house was the first to be built in this city on this side of the river–in 1883.

Mr. and Mrs. Cayo were married in Manitowoc county, this state, July 16, 1854. Here their twelve children were born, ten of whom still are living, namely: Joe V., James, Mrs. CF Searle, Edward, John, William, George, Mrs. Dan McQuarry, Mrs. IC Phillips, Oma. Ira, one of the deceased children, is well-remembered by the people of Hayward.

Mr. Cayo at one time served with AJ Hayward on the county board and took a very active part in the upbuilding of Hayward. He was born March 19, 1927, and is now 77 years old. Mrs. Cayo is 70 years of age. Beyond a doubt, they are the oldest and longest-resident couple in the county.

They were the recipients of many presents, among them a purse of gold coin given them by our citizens.

Refreshments were served, and all wish to see them live to celebrate their 75th anniversary.

The Hayward Republican Nov. 5, 1914

Another Pioneer Called to Rest
Antone Cayo, One of the City’s Earliest Settlers Here Passes Away at Extreme age of 89; Death Comes Peacefully

Closely Connected with City’s Early History

Again we are called upon to chronicle the deah of an early settler. This time it is Antone Cayo, one of the earliest settlers in Hayward. Death occurred Saturday evening at 12:30. He had retired on Friday evening and did not wake up except for a few moments on Saturday. he was in no pain and died very peacefully, infirmities incident to old age being the cause of his death. At his bedside at the time were his wife, son Oma, daughter, Mrs. D. McQuarry, daughter-in-law Mrs. Oma Cayo and son-in-law, I.C. Phillips.

The source of that information is here.

I wonder if I should write about the Cayos and confuse you once again?

You would be surprised to find out where the Cayo name originated from and what you can find on Find A Grave.

Lodell Cayo 1943


Or on Family Search…

Lodell Cayo 1943 death

End of the redux post. Next Monday, another redux post about the Cayos to keep you in the mood.

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