If you write it, they will come

Post No. 644

Who is his or her right mind you read all the posts on this blog? Who would write that much on our ancestors, yours and mine?

I really wanted to ease up a bit and write once a week on Mondays in 2014, but Chris got excited and then Carol Valentine found my blog.

I wrote Carol earlier this week and I invited her on Ancestry to view my family tree. Carol wrote back yesterday and she accepted my invitation.

When you write, I always take the time to help you find your lost ancestors. I also invite you on my family tree since it’s easier to visualize my research on your ancestors if they are in my database.

I had found something on James Valentine, but Carol told me she had the same information which has not been validated and probably never will.

James Valentine would have been a Scottish soldier for the English Army back in the early 1800s, possibly with the Royal Scots Regiment during the War of 1812 and later married Louise Leclerc in 1817…

They would have had these four children: Charles Horatio, James, Caroline, and Cordelia.

Carol was kind enough to share some pictures she scanned in an old book. This is one of them.

Officers Societe des Artisans Canadienes Francais photo

I know Fran is going to be all excited when she sees it.


Albert Choinière and Alice Alexandre
June 1, 1914


Albert Choinière and Alice Alexandre
with best man Ernest Sorel and bridesmaid Amelia Alexandre

Now what about Eugenie I started to talk about yesterday?

I found Eugenie Elsensohn’s name on Family Search and I got all excited.

Eugenie or Jennie was the daughter of Jacob Elsensohn and Theresa. Both were born in Germany and had emigrated to Illinois.

I found on Family Search that they had at least three children:

    Emile Elsensohn 1889 –

    Eugenie Elsensohn 1891 –

    Sadie Elsensohn 1893 –

Frank Lagasse and Eugenie Elsensohn had these children that I also found on Family Search:

Francis Lagasse     1911 –

Loretta Lagasse     1912 –

Edwin Lagasse     1914 –

Eloise Lagasse     1919 –

If I am writing this 644st post, that’s because this is how I found Dennis Lagassey’s and Amanda Ménard’s children in the first place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s also how Dennis Lagasse IV found me!

If you write it, they will come


7 thoughts on “If you write it, they will come

  1. The young man seated in the front row on the left looks very similar to my grandfather. Was there a date and/or names given for the rest of the St. Jean Baptiste Union? Also, the man in the back row right was in one of your earlier photos. Could one of the young men, front row center or right, be Emile Alexandre?

    • Indeed this is Albert Choinière for sure.
      Carol wrote this with her pictures.

      Dear Pierre,

      I have an old book, titled “Bristol, Connecticut” (In the Olden Time “New Cambridge”) Which Includes Forestville.
      This was published in Hartford, CT by City Printing Company in 1907.
      My grandfather, Alfred Valentine is listed as one of the original subscribers at the end of the book, which makes me question how many copies were originally printed.

      I am attaching some photos with this e-mail-with the following descriptions-perhaps you’ll find some of your relatives listed.

      All the best,
      Carol Valentine

      Photo 1-Officers of the Saint Jean Baptiste Societe

      Photo 2-Text for photo of Officers of the Saint Jean Baptiste Societe:

      [The St. Jean Baptiste Society was organized on the 10th of November, 1886 by the following: Adrien Taillon, Amedie Fregeau, Odilace Taillou, Pierre Allaire, Augustine Cote, Leandre Brault, Leon Lacourse, Oliva Landry, Fanie Lupieu, Athanase Dumaine, Joseph Phaneauf, Octave Lacourse, Joseph Bechard, Napoleon Brault, Jean B. Isabelle, Ettiene Quisonault.

      The charter was issued two years later, on the 19th of October, 1888. The motive of this society is to unite under one banner the French-Canadians of our city and vicinity. To be a member of this society one must profess the Roman Catholic Religion, be not less than 15 and more than 45 years of age. The sick benefit is $5.00 a week during twelve weeks in twelve months. The society today numbers 115 members and is increasing rapidly.]

      Photo 3-Officers Societe des Artisans Canadiens Francais

      Photo 4-Text for Officers Societe des Artisans Canadiens Francais:

      [Societe des Artisans Canadiens Francais, was organized in May 1903. The following are the officers at present (March, 1907), named as they appear in the picture, reading from left to right: Osias Lebeau, Napoleon Landry, Emanuel Rondeau, Aimie Millite, Napoleon Dube, Rodolphe Beaudoin, Joseph Landry, and Dosithe Breault.]

      P.S. I have tried to transcribe as written, but I assume there is quite a bit of French name spelling errors occurring here, as per usual.

  2. In 1907 Albert would have been 19 years old having been born September 13, 1888.

    A thank you to Carol.

    During WWII we lived in Forestville and after teaching three years in Maryland I moved to Guilford. Chris Carpenter, during a telephone conversation, informed me that a common ancestor had lived in the Acadian House.

    And to think I lived around the corner from it that first year.

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