Eddie Lagase

Who’s Eddie Lagase whose name appears on this page Chris Carpenter scanned?

I wish I had a picture of Eddie to show you this morning.

Called to express sympathy 2

Eddie will have to be just a name for now or for eternity since he never married and has no descendants to look for him.

Eddie could be on this picture though, but I have no way to tell.

at the beach

A day at the beach

at the beach 1

A day at the beach take two…

I know who is Levi Lagasse whose name is also found on the page, and I have a picture to show you.


Levi Napoleon Lagasse

This picture was one of the first pictures someone sent me in 2011. He wrote me a message telling me Levi was his grandfather.

I could not believe it at first.

I knew Levi was Amanda Menard’s  (in the red circle) and Dennis Lagassey’s son (Dennis is the last man on the right).

Amanda Ménard

part of a family picture…

I have so many pictures now thanks to Levi’s grandson Dennis.

More than 100 to share with everyone!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some people on some of these pictures might be Maynards. Maybe I will find out someday…

So who is this Eddie Lagase whose just a name on a page in a condolences book scanned by Chris Carpenter?

He is the brother of Frank Lagasse, the best man’s seen on this wedding picture scanned by Robin who lives on the West Coast and who is not even directly related to me. She also scanned more than 100 pictures for me so I could share them on this blog.

wedding Myra Alexandre

I don’t think Eddie Lagase ever married, but his brother Frank Lagasse did.

Thanks to Chris’ excitement, I got curious and I started searching for more information on Frank Lagasse who was this couple’s first son.

unidentified couple

Sophie Archambault and Frank Lagasse Senior

Frank Lagasse or Lagase married Eugenie (Jennie) Elsensohn born around 1891.

That I did not know until I got curious.


Remember what someone said on this blog…

If you write, they will come.

6 thoughts on “Eddie Lagase

  1. This is the first information found in 2011 on Eddie…
    I guess he never married…

    Name: Edward Lagoes
    Residence: , Hartford, Connecticut
    Estimated Birth Year: 1896
    Age: 24
    Birthplace: Connecticut
    Relationship to Head of Household: Son
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Marital Status: Single
    Father’s Birthplace:
    Mother’s Birthplace:
    Film Number: 1820180
    Digital Folder Number: 4294450
    Image Number: 00754
    Sheet Number: 1
    Collection: United States Census, 1920

    Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut
    Frank Lagase M 71

    Sophie Lagase F 71

    Edward Lagase M 34

    William Lagase M 32

  2. My relationship with Eddie… Lagase, Lagoes, Lagasse,

    Edward Lagasse (1895 – 1969)
    1st cousin 2x removed

    François-Xavier Lagasse (1858 – 1937)
    father of Edward Lagasse

    Stanislas Lagassée (1816 – 1900)
    father of François-Xavier Lagasse

    Dennis Lagasse II (1842 – 1927)
    son of Stanislas Lagassée

    Léo Lagacé Senior (1888 – 1964)
    son of Dennis Lagasse II

    Léo Lagacé Junior (1927 – 1995)
    son of Léo Lagacé Senior

    Pierre Lagacé, son of Léo Lagacé Junior

    • I am a decendent of Frank Lagase and Jennie Elsensohn. I can slightly remember Ed who was
      Frank’s brother. Frank died when I was 10 years old and his brothers followed soon.

      • We’re cousins then, and I know all about the Lagasse lineage.
        I might say I found all about that branch, and I am sharing all.
        Everything is free!

  3. My name is Mary Bauer and I have just found this website. I am a granddaughter of Francis Lagase and Jenny Elsensohn. I remember my great uncle Ed.

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