Elmer J. Maynard

Elmer was just a name in my family tree in 2010.

Elmer Maynard File

I knew he was Cora Lagasse’s only child.

Cora Lagasse was the daughter of Sophie Archambault and Frank Lagasse who were an unidentified couple in 2012 before I met Frank Archambault who had this picture.

unidentified couple

Now Elmer has become much more than just a name thanks to these pictures and documents Chris sent me this week.

He was the son of Albert J. Maynard…

Albert J Menard

…and Cora Lagasse seen on the left with her brother-in-law Ernest Maynard and his wife Amy Elizabeth Gibson.

Cora Lagasse Ernie Maynard and wife Amy Gibson

Chris had this…

Elmer J Maynard obituary

Elmer was a pilot in the U.S. Navy!

I will have to know more since my passion is more the history of aviation in WWII than genealogy!

Cora had three children, but only one survived.

Elmer Joseph Maynard

Someone has to remember Elmer…



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