More ancestors from St. Anne parish

Sometimes a comment gets a life of its own.

Hello Pierre,

thank you for your wonderful, personable genealogy blog.  Thanks to you, I just found my Landry, Valentine, and Pratt ancestors in the first St. Anne’s Parish listings.  

All of these families migrated from Stanbridge, Canada to Bristol, Ct.  
Would you be able to recommend any genealogy resources for Bristol, CT?  

Much Appreciated,

Carol Valentine.

I don’t know how much Carol Valentine knows about her ancestors. I just wrote her a personal e-mail.

This list will never be the same for Carol…

Jean Baptiste Alexandre Joseph Gervais Aime Millette
Pierre Allaire Joseph Giguère Jules Moquin
Joseph Auclair David Girard Steven Moquin
George Bachand Henri Gosselin Jean-Baptiste Monty
Rodolphe Beaudoin Louis Grenier Jean-Baptiste Myers
Joseph Béchard David Grisé Jean-Baptiste Paré
Moise Beloin Ernest Guimond Didyme Pelletier
William Benoit Emile Hamel Oscar Perreault
Joseph Bleau Eustache Jodoin Joseph Phaneuf
Joseph Boucher Alfred Joyal Philippe Pion
Alexandre Boutot Léon Lacourse Jean-Baptiste Pratt
Leandre Breault Octave Lacourse Frank Ritchie
Napoléon Breault Frank Lagasse Oliva Roberge
Joseph Carignan Louis Lagasse Philimon Rondeau
Arthur Choinière Stanislas Lagasse Joseph Rondeau
Zéphir Choinière J. Albert Lamoureux Adrien Taillon
Emilien Côté Joseph Lamoureux Odilon Taillon
Louis Côté Jean-Baptiste Landry Zoël Taillon
Joseph Courville Joseph Landry Joseph Terrien
Joseph Couture Napoléon Landry Philias Thibault
Albert Daigneault Louis LaPierre Joseph Turcotte
Gilbert Desrosiers Elzéar LaRocque Alfred Valentin
Eugène Dubé Alfred Lebeau Édouard Valentin
Joseph Dubé Honora Lebeau George Vanesse
Napoléon Dubé Joseph Lebeau Louis Vanesse
Télesphore Dufresne Osias Lebeau
Edmond Duquette Didace Lebrun
Napoléon Duquette George Lessard
Alfred Duval Charles Letoumeau
Arthur Duval Bruno L’Heureux
Joseph Faucher Philippe L’Heureux
Albert Fontaine Anthony Lupien
Lévi Fournier Fanie Lupien
Joseph Galipeau Philippe Marchand
Gédéon Gamache Ephrem Marcotte
Wilfred Gauthier Maxime Maynard
Emery Gaudreau Zéphirin Maynard
Pierre Gaudreau Omer Melançon
Isidore Ménard

8 thoughts on “More ancestors from St. Anne parish

  1. For Carol.
    Sent by Fran

    Also, I went to Bristol City Hall to check Vital Records Index and then actual records,.one needs to be a member of a CT genealogy organization, and the Bristol Library has a historical department. There one has access to microfilm of the Bristol Press. Both great sources for hands on research. Below is a site with lots of links.

    Also, Pierre and Emery Gaudreau, brothers of Philomene Gaudreau (died 1893) the wife of Arthur Choiniere…my great grandparents.

    I am in the process of moving and all of my original on paper research work is in boxes. I’ll see what I have on the computer.

    Your recent writings are a welcome break from the packing. As an art teacher I had collected so much material and books.

    Enjoy your day.

  2. Thanks Fran… and happy packing from a retired teacher in 2004 who also had to pack a lot of things he had accumulated for 34 years.

  3. I found my great grandfather, Osias Lebeau and my great-great grandfather, Jean Baptiste Pare on your parish list. They are from Quebec and had moved to Bristol. This is a great find to add to my ancestry research. Thank you!
    Mary Beth Manfredi

  4. Hello to everyone Dube.

    I am so excited to have found this site.
    I am trying to find any information I can on Abraham Dube who was born about 1795-97 in Quebec.
    He is my g-g-grandfather.
    He married a Jane? or Olive?
    Bear born about 1798.
    I would like any info on her also.
    Thank you so much for any help you may be able to give me.

    • A daughter here…

      Born 1837, died 1930.
      Father Abraham Dubie and Olive Bear

      Name: Mary Ann Dagne
      Event Type: Death
      Event Date: 29 May 1930
      Event Place: Burlington, Vermont, United States
      Gender: Female
      Age: 93
      Birth Date:
      Birth Year (Estimated): 1837
      Father’s Name: Abram Dubie
      Mother’s Name: Olive Bear
      Spouse’s Name: Stephen J Dagne
      Spouse’s Gender:
      Spouse’s Age:
      Spouse’s Birth Date:
      Spouse’s Birth Year (Estimated):
      Spouse’s Father’s Name:
      Spouse’s Mother’s Name:
      GS Film Number: 1984956
      Digital Folder Number: 004703707
      Image Number: 00069

  5. We are on the right track here, but there are many more Dubé hidden under the names of Dubie, Dube, Duba, Dubay…

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