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This is so exciting!  I ran and got my grandfather (Wilfred’s Maynard) Memorial book when I saw your posting.  My grandfather died on March 12, 1955 at the age of sixty-six years, two months and twenty eight days.

His living siblings were Ernest, Adlord, Edward, Philip & Mrs. Alphonse Gosselin (Rose). Delphis and Albert were not listed.

Visitors of interest to this blog include Mr. & Mrs. Hector LaMothe, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Maynard, Mr. & Mrs. Victor LaGasse, Levi Lagasse, Ernest Maynard, Mr. & Mrs. A.F. Maynard, Philip C. Maynard, Cora Maynard, Eddie Lagase, Mr. & Mrs. Gene Maynard, Edward L. Maynard, Doris Maynard (Delphis wife).

I’ll scan and post the pages as it places relatives in and around Bristol CT at this time.  I may have missed some names that might be important to others.  I do believe I have a picture of Cora’s gravestone.  I’ll post it as soon as I can locate it.

Chris is really excited…

My name is Pierre and not Albert!

Albert J Maynard

I will put the Cayos on the back burner for a while even though there is a lot to talk about the Cadieux family like the 1832 cholera epidemic.

What about the Maynards?

This is Albert Ménard, a descendant of Zéphirin Ménard who was the brother of Amanda.

Albert J Menard

When the Ménard family left Québec in the late 1890s, they changed their name to Maynard.

I knew a lot about Albert Maynard but I had no pictures.

I knew he had married Cora Lagasse.

Cora Lagasse was this couple’s daughters!

Sophie Archambeault

That’s a montage I made with a picture sent by my 3rd cousin Sandy.

Sophie Archambeault 2

Sophie Archambault

And this one sent by my 3rd cousin Frank, the guy with the kitchen’s notes.

unidentified couple

Sophie Archambault and Frank Lagasse

I still don’t have a picture of Cora Lagasse to show you.

But I can wait.

I have a picture of her brother Frank though.

He was William’s Archambault’s best man at his wedding.

wedding Myra Alexandre

You know all about William and his lovely wife Myra don’t you?

Chris is just making sense of all hundreds of pictures I posted on Ancestry. Mind-boggling to say the least because there are close to 3000.

Chris has agreed to share all the pictures she has.

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That’s just great because I can’t wait to talk about the Maynards.

Until then you can read this that was written by Gérard Ménard.