“Find A Grave” to Find Lost Ancestors?

Is using Find A Grave to find lost ancestors a good idea? Of course it is, but you also have to look for more sources and then use a lot of presumption along the way. This is what I had found on Find A Grave when I stumbled upon the Cayo surname.

Antone Cayo
Birth:     Mar. 19, 1827
Death:     Oct. 31, 1914

This is what I believe is Anton Cayo’s baptisimal act even if the given name Joseph is not the same, and the birthdate on the headstone is off a little.

1826 7 mars Joseph CadieuxThe date on this document is March 8th, 1826 while the date on the headstone is March 19, 1827. I presume that the person who gave the information about Anton’s birthdate when he died might have been wrong. This sometimes happens.

Presumption number one:

Little Joseph, son of Pierre Cadieux and Françoise Trudeau, was né hier (born the day before) on March 7th, 1826. He could have been called later in his life Antoine which was Françoise’s father’s given name.

Presumption number two:

I have searched for all the children of Pierre Trudeau and Françoise Trudeau in the St-Matthias parish registers. I found this child. Charles Anselme Cadieux, born on March 24th, 1830.

1830 Charles Anselme Cadieux

Remember that given name. Here’s another child. Pierre Cadieux born on July 6th 1824.

1824 Pierre Cadieux 6 juillet naissanceRemember that name also. Here is the last one… Marie-Cordélia, born on November 2nd, 1834.

1834 Marie-Cordélia CadieuxAll these people are my great-great-grandmother Onésime Cadieux’s siblings. Onésime Cadieux was née le matin (born on the morning) of May 26th, 1822.

1822 26 mai Onésime Cadieux zoomIs Joseph Cadieux the same person as Anton Cayo? How did I arrive at that conclusion?

To be continued next Monday…