I have found someone who I managed not to scare away with my passion for genealogy.

Nanette is a second cousin once removed.

I won’t post her picture on my blog about our ancestors. I don’t do that! Unless people give me the go-ahead to do so. I will post this picture of one of Nanette’s ancestor.

siblings (2)

Now I know who are the five sisters thanks to Nanette. She told me on Facebook…

I had posted that picture on someone else’s Facebook, and Nanette posted a comment.

Alice Lagasse with siblings

Noooo Alice is the one next to her white haired

Remember what I wrote the last time…

If you write they will come…

I told Nanette that she seemed to be the extraverted type.

I’m just crazy lol and bottom row left to right aunt Toni, aunt odna aunt from new haven been to her house can’t remember name then grandma Alice then aunt Gertrude the guys big ears in middle uncle joe I got ppl on the names for you

Boy am I glad she’s extraverted and isn’t scared a little bit about my passion for genealogy.

One question remains though.

What does “ppl” stands for?

About aunt from new haven been to her house can’t remember name

That’s Bertha!

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