Arther Myers, the only son of Xavier Myers

I have made many loyal friends since 2009.

This is why I was thinking about posting only once a week during this Christmas season.

I know Christmas is a good time to reflect upon our ancestors, but I want to give you more time for others chores and easy up a bit on the story of the ancestors of little Exeurie Myers.

Just like Jean-Baptiste Lemaire was the only son of Chrétien Myers, Arther Myers was the only son of Xavier (Exeurie) Myers.

Arther and Rose 6

Arther Julien Myers and Rosealina Alma LaRose

This beautiful picture was shared by Jason.

Jason is linked to Exeurie Myers.

It is almost impossible to link Exeurie Myers to Xavier Myers, a direct descendant of Chrétien Lemaire, a rifleman in the Hesse Hanau regiment.


But I did, and I probably found a link with the past history of the American Revolution.

This is where I came in handy to link Jason to Exeurie Myers and Exeurie with his ancestor Chrétien Lemaire. Being French-Canadian, I have come across some funny spelling from people who had copied parish registers for Ancestry.

Exeurie Myers was in fact Exeuvie Myers seen here on this marriage certificate. If you say Exeuvie out loud several times, you will hear Xavier if your mother tongue is French.

That’s how I found the missing link!

That spelling carried on through time when Xavier’s son Arther Myers married Rose Alma Larose in Springfield on April 22, 1907.

Exeurie Myers spelling

I have asked Jason permission to post this beautiful old picture.

Arther and Rose 6How can I be sure Arther Myers was the son of Exeurie Myers aka Xavier Myers, who was the brother of Julien Myers who married Agnes Lagasse, my great-grandaunt?


How can you trust someone who has been writing this blog since September 2009 with this?


You’ll just have to come back on Boxing Day!

I’ll show you more old pictures of that young couple madly in love.

Arther and Rose 2

15 thoughts on “Arther Myers, the only son of Xavier Myers

  1. C’est bien beau. Je suis content d’avoir trouvé ce site. Toutefois,qu’est-ce qui est arrivé aux autres fils de Xavier Exeurie Meyers et Sophranie Champagne? J’ai trouvé des actes de naissance pour Eugene et Joseph. Sont-ils morts jeunes comme Mary?

    • Arther Julien Myers
      1884 – 1959

      Eugene Myers
      1886 – 1886

      Mary Myers
      1888 – 1888

      Joseph Myers
      1890 – 1890

      Joseph Myers
      1895 – 1895

      Joseph Myers
      1898 – 1898

      • Eugene Myers
        Naissance 10 September 1886 dans Enfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts
        Décès 1886

        Mary Myers
        Naissance 11 November 1888 dans Pelham, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USA
        Décès 14 November 1888

        Joseph Myers
        Naissance 12 August 1890 dans Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA
        Décès 5 September 1890 à Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United States

        Joseph Myers
        Naissance 1895
        Décès 18 December 1895

        Joseph Myers
        Naissance 1 February 1898 dans Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA
        Décès 1 February 1898 à Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA

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