Jason knows and Steve knows


I have taken out a picture of a headstone that I had found on Find A Grave.

I posted that picture on this blog without asking first permission to do it.

It was an honest mistake.

I apologized to this person and I told her I had learned my lesson and I was deleting all the articles that were related to the headstone of Exeurie Myers.

It won’t ever happened again.


I have never met Jason nor Steve personally. I found Steve on a message he had left on a genealogy forum and I found Jason through Ancestry thanks to a message my 3rd cousin Joe sent him.

Steve has shared with me what little pictures he had of his ancestors…

He only had three ships.

USS Dane

U.S.S. Dane

USS Pensacola

U.S.S. Pensacola

USS Stoddard

U.S.S. Stoddard

Now Jason and Steve know all about their Myers ancestors because I have invited them to view my Ancestry tree which has more than 30,000 files.

Remember how all this started in the first place…

A headstone!

Agnes Lagasse

Found during a little walk in a cemetery with my 3rd cousin Joe.


Genealogy will become a hobby for now and it will take second stage for my blogs about WWII. There is a lot going out there since last November, and it’s hard to keep proper focus on Our Ancestors.

This being said, Jason’s ancestor was in fact Xavier Myers even if we find the name Exeurie Myers in different documents. His descendants wanting to know more about Exeurie Myers would have a hard time finding who were Exeurie’s ancestors.

This is little Exeurie Myers in the 1861 Canadian Census taken in Stanbridge, Quebec.

1861 Médard Myers

He is listed as Francis Y Miers.

1861 François-Xavier Myers

The census man was an anglophone so he wrote what he had heard in 1861 after he knocked on the door.

Francis Y Miers was François-Xavier Myers. His given name came from St. François-Xavier.

To know more about that saint, click here, but you don’t have to.

Saint François-Xavier

So what does that census page tell us about little Exeurie?

He was 5 years-old in 1861 so his birthyear is around 1856.

Is that enough proof?

Not enough for any amateur genealogist…

To be continued next week even though I could go on, and on, and on with this…

Before I leave for the rest of the week, these are Xavier’s siblings.

Émilie Myers     1838 –

Médard Myers     1840 –

Marie Myers     1843 –

Julien Myers    1848 – 1886

Philomène Myers     1850 –

Marie Myers     1851 – 1883

Jean-Baptiste Myers     1852 –

Rose Myers     1858 –

Rose Myers was born on November 4th, 1858.

Rose Myers 1858

She married Louis Lagasse born January 1st, 1854.

Louis Lagasse 1854

Louis Lagasse is this man’s brother.

Dennis Lagasse II

I know all about Louis’ descendants, but I have never heard from any of them. I guess they don’t read this blog.

Click here.

Then click here if you like war stories…

This is a preview of next Monday’s post.

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  1. Oh yes I voted for you to take it easy and post one time a week I thought everybody was gonna do the same. Now I look back up at the top and see I am wrong, and everybody say get back to work.

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