Jason, who do you think you are?

I don’t think Jason would have ever found out about his ancestor Chrétien Lemaire.

Jason is related to Exeurie Myers who died in 1931 and he probably never knew the story of his great-grandfather, a rifleman in the Hesse Hanau Regiment, who deserted his regiment at the battle of Wahab’s Plantation or later in the battle of Charlotte in September 1780.

Very few people knew this, and I am probably the only one.


This is another reason I write so much about your ancestors.

Well wrote so much…

I will see you next Monday.

9 thoughts on “Jason, who do you think you are?

  1. Thanks for correcting the typo – I knew it didn’t look right, (and sometimes my own handwriting is hard to read in my notes – the records are difficult to read as well) but the computer didn’t notice either – Thanks.

    • Thank you for conituing to read and to comment.
      Always nice to get a feedback once and awhile.
      You don’t have to comment all the time. I know you are there.


      P.S. Jason has agreed to let me post his old pictures. So this will be more than just posts about “dead people”.
      Much more.

  2. Intéressant. Que sait-on sur la localité d’origine de ce grand-père carabinier du Hesse Hanau Regiment?

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