Steve’s family tree

So what about all this research I have done to find descendants of Médard Lemeyer who was born on November 2, 1813.

1813 Médard Lemayer 2 novembre

He became known later in life as Medard Myers, and he left a lot of descendants south of the border who don’t know a thing about him.

Steve Myers is one of Médard Myers’ descendants.

I won’t show you all of Steve’s family tree from Médard Myers on down.

It’s too big.

Médard Myers descendants

I would like to show you a baby picture of Médard, but this is the only picture I got.

1813 Médard Lemayer 2 novembre zoom

Steve can look at all the research I have done about his ancestor. He has access to it on my Ancestry site.

This is Médard’s file taken from a print screen.

file Medard MyersClick on the image for a larger view

I have found everything about Médard Lemeyer who became known as Médard Lemaire and then Medard Myers.

I could go on and on, and on with this story of Steve’s new found old family and tell you all about this picture.

Médard Myers

Or this one…


But I would probably bore you to death.

What I will show instead might be of interest to you…

USS Dane

USS Dane

USS Pensacola

USS Pensacola

USS Stoddard

USS Stoddard

You can click on the images to see more details.

Steve Myers has shared these three pictures with this information about his grandfather and his great-grandfather.

I think it’s great!

Hi Pierre,

Attached are photos of 3 ships. I thought that these were vessels my grandfather had served on, but after doing some quick research online, I’m not so sure.
Notes: USS Pensacola (CA 24): On the back of the photo it says: USN 422603 and SEPT 35. I believe this means the photo was taken in September 1935.
USS Stoddard (DD566): On the back it says USN 635232 and 25 FEB 54. Both photos are marked “OFFICIAL NAVY PHOTO. RELEASED”
Some other things I know about my grandfather: He retired as a Lt. Commander. He was qualified as an aviator, and flew blimps specifically.

Hope this is of interest to you,



Why was this picture in Lionel Lagasse’s old family album, part of more than 100 old pictures his grandson Dennis Lagasse IV scanned for me in 2011?


Most probably…

Could anyone of some of unidentified people in this collection of old pictures be related to the Myers?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Everything is possible.

4 thoughts on “Steve’s family tree

  1. This is great Pierre! For Steve’s benefit, I too am related to Medard through Exeurie/Arther/Ernest. Any other relatives who would like to connect, feel free to drop me a line.

    Jay West

    • I have deleted your e-mail in your comment.
      People who want to reach you can drop me a line… and I will gladly drop you a line.

      Best regards,


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