We are not there yet…

Chrétien Lemaire and his descendant Steve will have to wait a little more because I have some unfinished business with my great-grandfather’s older sister Philomene Lagasse whose little sister was this woman resting in peace since 1901.

Agnes Lagasse

This next picture was scanned in 2011 by Robin. Everyone on it was identified with a caption.

1913 Philomene Lagasse

Great-grandmother Alexander has to be Philomene Lagasse in 1913 or maybe a little later.

Philomène Lagacé and her daughters

Philomene’s two daughters are with her: Agnes and Marie Elmire. Agnes’ daughter Sylvia Bleau is also on this picture.

1913 Philomene Lagasse

I know who wrote the caption…

Sylvia Marie Combe.

scan0019She is the same little girl with her mother holding her on this picture.


And this is her mother Sylvia Elizabeth Bleau when she was a baby.


Someone sent these pictures to Robin so she could scan them and share with me. Robin is not related, her husband is although he is a very very distant cousin living in California.

Robin never told me if her husband reads my blog.

Getting back to my unfinished business…

My great-grand-aunt Philomene Lagasse died in 1920. This is her obituary.

Philomene LAGASSE

Death (12 March 1920)

BRISTOL PRESS 13 March 1920

Mrs. Libbie Alexander widow of the late John Alexander died at the home of her son David Alexander 149 Park St. last evening as a result of complications due to old age.

She had been an invalid for several years.

Mrs. Alexander was born in Quebec, Canada 79 years ago. She spent her early years there. She was married in 1869 to John Alexander. They moved to the state and lived for some time in North Adams, Mass. They came to Bristol twenty six years ago and made their home here. Mr. Alexander died in 1914.

Mrs. Alexander is survived by four daughters: Mrs. David Bleau, Mrs. William Archambeault and Miss Mary Alexander of Bristol and Mrs. Phoebe Lustrich of Brooklyn, NY. By Three sons: John, David, and Peter Alexander all of Bristol, and by many grand children and great grand children, she was one of the well known French residents and was a member of St. Ann’s Church. The funeral will be held at St. Ann’s Church at 9 o’clock Monday morning. Rev. Joseph P. Perreault will conduct the services.

Obituaries are a great source of information even if there are some errors sometimes.

Mrs. Phoebe Lustrich of Brooklyn, NY


Phoebe was married to a Charles Lestage and she was not a divorcée in 1920!

Phoebe Alexandre

Death certificates are also a great source of information.

1920 death certificate Philomene Lagasse

Peter Alexander, Philomene’s son, is the informant. I know all about Peter, but I won’t go into this.

This is Philomene on another picture Robin sent. We had a hard time figuring out who these people were at first.

We now know who these people are, even the little boy in front of Philomene.

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre I family

Robin also sent this one.

Picture 087

I figure all three are pictures of Philomene Lagasse who has thousands and thousands of descendants in the U.S just dying to have old pictures of her.

Robin has been a great help putting this whole jigsaw puzzle together, and the more we find, the more we know about our ancestors, yours and mine.

I know Steve will share what he knows.

He told me.

You haven’t lost me Pierre, I’m still here, and finding all of your research very interesting.

Both my grandfather and great-grandfather were career Navy men. I have some pictures of the destroyers and troop ships my grandfather commanded during WWII, if you’d like to see them. Sadly we don’t have many pictures of people. No old aunts left; the Myers’ family is very small.

5 thoughts on “We are not there yet…

      • Yes I have failed because some people can’t understand all the passion I have for sharing what I have found about their ancestors.
        But I don’t mind. I keep searching and sharing.
        Steve will be contributing with pictures and I am going to share all and use them to teach history like you do with your blog.

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