Who is on the right?

Three more posts before I get to Steve’s ancestors.

The woman on the right must have been a funny lady.


You tell me.

She is not Aunt Mary Alexander as the caption says, but this beautiful young bride Amelia Alexandre, Sylvia E. Combe’s cousin.


Here is Amelia Alexandre again at her sister’s wedding…


Fran is the person who sent me this picture in 2012. Her grandmother is Alice Louise Alexandre sitting next to Albert Choinière.

Both Alice and Amelia are this man’s daughters.

Déjà vu?

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre II

John B Alexander II

JB Alexander II

This man was unknown in 2010.

He was on a picture sent by Sandy along with a few other unidentified people.

young man 1

The search was on until Ed contacted me. He had read my posts on this blog and sent me this…

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre II

And this…


Writing about all these people is a way to reach out for their descendants.

No one contacted me about Amelia Alexandre and her husband Ernest Sorel yet.


I can  wait.

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