Adoption papers

One of my readers would like to know more about her roots.

Her father was a paratrooper in the Pacific campaign.


She has her own blog.

She has been writing about her dad and I have seen in her posts all the love and admiration she had for her dad.

She told me that her father’s father left his family so she can’t go back in time to search for her ancestors.

Here is a picture of her father and one of his mother Anna.

Everett A. Smith with mother

GP, that how she wants us to know her by, always read this blog about our ancestors and she adds comments.

This latest one is most interesting.

Outstanding work here, Pierre. It’s getting to be one huge family reunion – I’m jealous, I’m not related.

To which I replied…

I can adopt you if you want…

While I was searching for some images on adoption papers to make her adoption papers, I found this blog.

It’s about the adoption about two Korean children.

3 thoughts on “Adoption papers

  1. This is so good. You are good at making mystery stories. I’m very happy to have found this blog about the Korean adoptions! I used to do adoption work including some Korean adoptions.

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