Sandy is right

I am glad I did not argue with my third cousin Sandy.

I had a good look last night at some of my collection of old photos sent by the A-Team.

The A-Team

This was the most mysterious one.

It still is.

Philomène Lagacé and her daughters

This montage was done in Bristol by the Gale Studio around 1900. These are all of Philomene Lagasse’s daughters around her.

Philomene Lagasse is my great-grandfather’s sister.

Dennis Lagasse II

Philomene Lagasse had these children:

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre     1862 – 1936

Joséphine Alexandre     1863 – 1868

Philomène Alexandre     1864 – 1906

Siffroid Alexandre     1866 – ?

Helene Alexandre     1867 – ?

David Alexandre     1869 – 1933

Agnes Alexandre     1871 – 1927

Phoebe Alexandre     1874 – ?

Peter Alexandre     1875 – ?

Myra Alexandre    1877 – 1958

Marie Elmire Alexandre     1881 – 1957

Anonyme Alexandre     1883 – 1883

I always thought this was Agnes Alexandre in the montage.

Agnes Alexandre

Look again!

Marie Elmire

This montage was made last night with pictures sent by three persons who never met in person: Joe, Robin, and Sandy. 

Joe sent me this one early in 2011…

Philomène Lagacé and her daughters

Robin sent me this one late in 2011…


Aunt Mary Alexander

Sandy sent me this one in the fall of 2010.

1890's Bristol, Conn.

In 2010, when Sandy and I met virtually for the first time on the Internet, we had not idea who this young woman was.

Sometimes it takes time to figure out who are people on old pictures.


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