Philomene Alexandre

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I know Fran saw this coming…

I believe this is Philomene Alexandre with her husband Thomas Molloy.

This picture was sent to me in 2010 by my third cousin Sandy. We had no idea who this couple was.

about late 1890's Wedding , Bristol, Conn.

This is from Joe’s collection of cabinet cards I scanned when I visited him in 2012.

unknown young lady

I believe we have the same woman on both pictures.

I know everything about her except how she looked.

I know when she was born…

1864 6 November Philomène Alexandre

I know when she married Thomas Molloy…

1880 31 August marriage Philomene Alexandre Thomas Molloy 1 1880 31 August marriage Philomene Alexandre Thomas Molloy

I know how many children she had…

James Thomas Molloy     1887 –

Jean-Baptiste Molloy     1890 –

Agnes Marie Rose Molloy     1892 – 1894

Bertha Molloy     1893 –

Eva Molloy     1895 – 1896

Albert Molloy     1897 – 1897

I even have a picture of one of her daughters I believe is Bertha Molloy even if the caption on the back says Agnes…

Bertha Molloy

I even know when Philomene Alexandre died…

and how she died.

1906 Philomene Alexander death certificate

Now you know how addictive a picture can be.

Did I need to ask?

Another Virtual Family Reunion

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That’s a lot of posts since September 2009 on this blog about our ancestors and genealogy.

I never got around to post this one.

I wrote it in November 2011. I believe Fran, who is this man’s descendant, is the person who wrote me.

JB Alexander II

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre from Joe’s collection

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre or J. B. Alexander Junior is the brother of these two beautiful young women seen here on Joe’s collection of cabinet cards.

young Myra Alexandre

 Myra Alexandre

Phoebe Alexandre

 Philomene (Phoebe) Alexandre

J. B. might be also this other young woman’s brother.

unknown young lady

I will probably never know who she is even I try to figure out how she is related to the Alexandre family.

montage unknown couple

Start reading…

Another far away distant relative of mine has just appeared out of the blue.

She had this picture among many others and what she wrote is this interesting comment…

I looked at the photos of Agnes and the third one from the left, the two sisters, this is the picture I have that say Myra and Phebe. When I looked at the attachment that Joe sent on these women I see that the birth ages are not consistent with the  names on the photos. So my photo is the same as yours, I shall now get out all the pictures I have on this family and see if I can match any. I look forward to more of the same.

Fran’s picture

 She said she had those names in the back… Myra and Phebe.

Sandy had her own theory about who those two were, and I concurred.

You can read it here…

We thought we had Philomene Alexandre and Agnes Alexandre correctly identified  according to Sandy’s theory.

Everything made sense back then…

But is what is on the back of my new found far away distant relative’s picture correct?

Could it be Phebe on the left and Myra on the right instead?

Sometimes what is on the back of pictures is written backwards…


Also, could Philomene had gone by the name  Phebe?

So many questions have now arisen… from another far away distant relative of mine who has just appeared out of the blue.

Just like Dennis Lagasse IV last month.

This is going to be another great virtual family reunion.


End of the intermission…


Chrétien, tell me more about your family…