Old pictures

A little intermission in our search for Chrétien Lemaire’s descendants.

I know I might be hard to follow sometimes.


Sometimes it takes time to find all about your ancestors.

We have to be patient.

I still have pictures in my collection that beg to be identified.

This young woman is still unknown.

unknown young lady

That picture was taken in Bristol probably in the late 1890s. My cousin Joe had it in his collection of old pictures when I visited him in 2012. He also had this one without a name.

young Myra Alexandre

Myra Alexandre

I knew who she was!

The unknown young woman could be related to Steve, but I doubt it. She could be related to Myra Alexandre.

Sandy had a lot of old pictures in her collection back in 2010 when she first contacted me through Ancestry.

She had this picture.

possible Malvina Lagasse late 1890's Bristol, Conn.

And this one.

Myra and Phebe

Both were unknown sisters back in 2010.

Things have changed a lot since then.

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This picture in Joe’s collection of old pictures was taken around the same time.

young Myra Alexandre

Myra Alexandre

Same photographer, same place…

I took me all this time to figure out what the unknown young woman might be related to Myra Alexandre and her sister Phoebe.

Aunt Phoebe and Aunt Myra

collection of Robin’s old pictures

But I could be wrong, and that young woman might be related more to Steve.

unknown young lady

These old pictures from Sandy’s collection could also be related to Steve.

about late 1890's Wedding , Bristol, Conn.

Someday I am sure we will find out who was who on these pictures.

montage unknown couple

And also this one.

Lagasse -Maybe

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