Chrétien Bracmaer!

This is Chrétien Lemaire’s wife burial act.

Chrétien Brackmaer



Well that’s another way to spell Lemaire isn’t?.

That’s how monsieur le curé Mennard of St-Joseph parish in Chambly, Québec, spelled Chrétien’s surname with a few other typos in the burial act.

Josephte Lagarde

Le trente novembre mil sept cents quatre vingt cinq a été inhumée josette Lagarde décédée le jour précédent agée denviron dixneuf ans femme de Chrétien Bracmaer étaient présents Nicolas demers et autres

Mennard  curé



Josephte Lagarde

On November 30th 1785 was buried josette Lagarde who died yesterday at the age of about 19 years-old wife of Chrétien Bracmaer were present Nicolas Demers and others

Mennard  priest

Even if monsieur le curé Mennard spelled it wrong, I think I can safely assume that Chrétien Bracmaer aka Chrétien Lemeyère is Chrétien Lemaire, Steve Myers’ ancestor.


Chrétien Lemaire got married, but his lovely wife died young. Only one son was born: Jean-Baptiste Lemaire.

With that being settled, for the time being, I can now concentrate on the descendants Jean-Baptiste Lemaire, the son of Chrétien Lemaire and Josephte Vincent dit Lagarde who died in 1785 at the age of 19.

Jean-Baptiste Lemaire would go on in life and marry Marie Paquet in 1808. He would father at least four children:

Jean-Baptiste Lemaire
Julien Lemaire
Médard Myers    November 2, 1813 – 19 May, 1866
Onésime Lemaire    1835 –

To be continued…


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