The file… and the facts

The file… and the facts, and when to stop searching.

This is what started all this research about Steve Myers’ ancestors: a headstone in a cemetery behind St. Joseph Church in Bristol, Connecticut.


Now this is Johannes Helmut Merz’s file on Chrétien Lemaire I found in 2009 or 2010.

He could not make up this thing.

Chrétien Lemaire

Personal Data Files of German Military Men In Canada 1776-1783.
Compiled by Johannes Helmut Merz. Researcher and Historian.

Lemaire, Christoph (Chretien)    HAJ Hanau Chasseurs.

Sf100p294/95: Lemaire/Lamere, Christoph/-tian, age 40 (1737). Moempelgard, France. Chasseur. Hanau Chasseur Corps, 2. Comp..
on Muster Roll Feb. 1777
discharged in Canada July 1783

S#11p168: Lemaire, Chretien. Hesse Hanau Chasseur. Castendyck’s Comp., discharged in Canada 1783 (Creutzbourg);
Chretien Lemaire, Jaeger. Capt.Kornrumpff’s Co.
March 1777 (MR);
Chretien LeMaire, corporal. Castendyck’s Co.
31. Aug.1779 at Repentigny (PAC Q.16-2).

S#20p307: Lamaire. Christopher, Sergeant (Appendix B. GEL List)

There is some confusion created by previous historians in respect to this name, claiming that there were two Lemaire’s discharged in Canada in 1783. There was a Brunswick soldier by the name of Anton Lamar, born in the Normandy. France. age 36/02, (1743) (see Lamar file and S#1B).

Updated 19.May 2002.

This file will help me with the chronology of events in Chrétien Lemaire’s life, and help in finding if Chrétien Lemaire was in fact the father of Jean-Baptiste Lemeyère who married Marie Paquet in 1808.

Birth of Chrétien Lemaire: 1737, Montbéliard?

Enlistment: 1777, in France, Montbéliard? (age 40)

Discharge: July 1783, in Canada (age 46)

Marriage: after his discharge in July 1783, in Chambly, Québec? (age 46)

Wife’s death: 29 November 1785, in Chambly, Québec (age 48)

1785 burial Josephte Vincent 30 November 1785

Son’s birth: before 29 November 1785, in Chambly, Québec (age about 47)

Son’s marriage: 7 November 1808, in Chambly, Québec (age 63)

marriage Jean-Baptiste Lemaire Marie Paquet full page

Death: after 7 November 1808, Chambly, Québec? (age 63)

When to stop searching for someone’s ancestor?


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