Do I take genealogy seriously?

Of course I do take genealogy seriously even though it does not seem that way when you read some of my posts or the comments I post afterwards.

A friend once told me, Life is too short, start with the dessert.

I will always remember what he said.

Getting back to genealogy let’s travel back in time to San Diego, California. 


The census man is here!
All hands on deck.

We set the date around January 1920 when the census man climbs on board USS Talbot (DD-114).

1920 Arthur J Myers

Arthur J. Myers is a sailor on that ship. He’s our man allright. Every information is correct except his age. Born in 1883 he would be 37 and not 35 in 1920.

Arthur is a CGM (Chief Gunner’s Mate).

I wish I had a picture to show you.

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