To be continued…?

Reflecting this Sunday morning.


Reflecting on how someone must be overwhelmed when he finds all the information about his ancestors like Steve Myers.

I don’t annoy people with genealogy and I don’t sell anything like phoney coats-of arms.

phony coats of arms

The proof of the pudding…

I sent a reply to this post I found last week on This message was dated November 17, 2009.

Hello, I am looking for any information on ancestors of Arthur Joseph Myers, b. Nov. 1, 1883 in Waterbury, VT. I believe the family originally came from Bordeaux, France via Quebec, Canada. The surname was changed when they entered the US; the original name may have been ‘LeMaires’ or some variation thereof. Any information would be greatly appreciated.



I don’t do this often, but this time I could not resist the temptation since Steve posted this request in 2009, and the Arthur Joseph Myers he was looking for seemed to be a perfect match for Arthur J. Myers the son of Julian Myers and Agnes Lagasse.

Agnes Lagasse

I wrote this…

Still looking for Arthur J Myers son of Julian Myers and Agnes Lagasse?

Write to me.


Strangely enough I started this blog in September 2009.

Steve replied!

So I invited him to visit my Ancestry family tree to have a look.

Everything about his ancestor Arthur J. Myers is there.

Agnes Lagasse file

Pretty overwhelming stuff even for someone like me when I look back at it.

I can’t believe I have been researching all these people related to my grandfather Leo of whom I knew very little about until someone sent me this document. That document jump started all that I have been writing on this blog.

acte de deces leo lagace senior

This document was just the tip of the iceberg in my quest for other people’s ancestors.

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Some iceberg!

When I dig, I dig deep, and I have not stopped since.

So what’s all this excitement about a man called Arthur Joseph Myers?

Arthur Joseph Myers

Every clue leads to another… and another…


Even to San Diego in the 1920s.

To be continued…?

coat of arms 1

Of course, if Steve teams up with the A-Team like Sandy, Joe, Fran, Robin, Ed, and Frank did,… and of course Donna and a host of all other people who have been teaming with me since 2009.

The A-Team