If I remember correctly these next four pictures were taken in 1978.

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That’s what Donna told me when we met last week.

But this picture does not fit in that timeframe. I think the man is Victor Philip Lagasse.

He died in 1964!

lagasse sisters 1978-4

So this picture could not have been taken in 1978. Maybe I misunderstood what Donna told me.

I can’t remember also who was that lady with the gift wrapping ribbon flower on her forehead.

lagasse sisters 1978-1

The smile on her face reminded me of a little girl on a picture taken in 1912.

Dennis Lagassey family

This might be unimportant to most people, but when you see this montage I did…

Alice or Toni

… you start to wonder who was who on this 1912 picture just in front of Odna, Donna’s grandmother?Dennis Lagassey family


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