Bertha or Gertrude… Final Answer Redux

Well this is it folks…

I am now 100% sure who was the wedding couple on this old picture thanks to Odna who is on the left.

Odna Lagasse at the wedding

Now read this post I wrote this last summer. It is interesting to read once more before I identify more people on that picture part of Dennis Lagasse IV’s collection of old pictures.

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I jumped the gun yesterday about closing the book on Dennis Lagasse III’s and Amanda Ménard’s children.

This picture is what started it all in 2010 when I found a descendant of Victor Philippe Lagasse. 

This is the original his mother had.

original picture of the Lagasse family

There was Pepere, Aunt Ida and Levi. That’s all I had to go on. Pepere was my grandfather’s older brother.

I had to find out who the other people were on the picture. Since 2009 I found a lot but not all. I had a lot of help from my readers.

All in the Family

You are never too sure about your findings when you start looking for relatives you knew little about in the first place and try to identify them through old pictures.

This next picture was sent be Dennis IV in 2011. I got all excited because I knew most of the people on it. It was like a big virtual family reunion.

Bertha or Gertrude

In 2013, two daughters were still to be positively identified.

Bertha or Gertrude.

This is Bertha on a picture taken in 1991 sent last year by her great-granddaughter who found my blog.

Bertha Lagasse

Five generations!

Hard to tell who is Bertha and who is Gertrude by comparing it to that picture.

Bertha or Gertrude

I had found out that Bertha Lagasse had married William E. Austin on November 16, 1921. Gertrude Lagasse married Francis Spielman on November 14, 1917.

Yesterday I told you that I believed this was Gertrude’s and Francis’ wedding picture.

Dennis Lagasse wedding pictureWell I was wrong.

It appears to be Bertha’s and William’s wedding because Ida Lagasse is on the right with her two year-old daughter Jeannette holding on to Ida’s skirt.

So what about Gertrude Lagasse and Francis Spielman…

They had these children that I know of.

Francis Spielman 1919 –
Edmond Spielman 1921 –
Margaret Spielman 1922 –
Dorothy Spielman 1924 –
Donald Spielman 1926 – 1990
Marie Spielman 1930 – 1980

I don’t have any old pictures. Just this.

Donald Spielman

This is Donald Spielman’s headstone found on Find A Grave. Not much to go on. Donald Spielman married Lena Paradis.

That’s not much to go on isn’t?

Of course you never know when someone will write a comment like Donna did last month and started sharing information and pictures about the Ritchie family.

Frank Ritchie cemetery zoom

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I have another motto.

You are never 100% sure when looking for ancestors…