There is always an old picture somewhere…

That’s another motto I have.

I am sure there are pictures of Agnes Lagaser somewhere or pictures of her descendants just like there were pictures of her older brother Dennis Lagasse aka Stanislas Lagacé and his descendants.

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This is why this blog will continue on and on and on…

It’s there for people to find.

It does not really matter what I write.

Everything revolves around old pictures. Like this one sent last year by Bertha Lagasse’s great-great-granddaughter.

Five generations!

Bertha Lagasse

I met Donna last week at Joe’s place.

Donna is Odna Lagasse’s granddaughter.

Donna pictures 5

Odna Lagasse 

She had more to share.

Donna pictures 6

Robert Richie and William Ritchie

four generations Amanda Odna Doris Donna

Four generations!

Odna Lagasse, her mother Amanda Ménard, Donna with her mother Doris Ritchie.

Donna had also these.

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I am still trying to figure out who is who, but I can now recognize Bertha more easily.


5 thoughts on “There is always an old picture somewhere…

  1. Enjoying the new entries. Love multi-generational photos, especially like the ones of Amanda Menard Legasse, my maternal greatgrandother’s sister as they give me an idea of how Caroline looked. This photo had to be taken 1953-55 when she was in her upper 80’s. Beautiful lady. Thank you for the sharing. Maybe next year when you venture south of the border my cousin, who grew up in Plainvile, and I can meet you for your next cemetery research tour.

    • I forgot to write you I was going to visit Joe.
      Darn senior moments.
      Joe and I want to go visit Gettysburg next year.
      I hope we don’t forget.
      Please remind me so we can meet next time I go and visit Joe.

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